Friday, 21 April 2017

Beauty, everywhere

I met one unhappy person
He was dwelling on the ugly things of the past
The ugly things people had done to him,
the ugly things he had done himself.

Surely we are all only human,
on and off we do ugly things,
on and off ugly things come our way.

But what is done, is done,
we cannot change the past.
We can remember the lessons of the past,
but sitting on ugly memories, allowing them to make us unhappy,
does not help us or anyone else in any way.

So let us try to remember the lessons we have learned,
enjoy the forgiveness we have obtained from others
or try to obtain from others,
then forgive ourselves
and start a new day with a new mindset.

My favorite saying:
Life is not easy,
but so beautiful

There is always beauty we can see, hear or feel
if we just look or listen for it.

So, no matter what has happened in the recent or distant past,
let us look and listen for beauty today and enjoy with all our heart.
let us go out and share the beauty we saw, heard or felt
and make others feel and see the beauty too.

Every day is a new day.
Every moment is a new moment

No matter how difficult our life may be,
let us stop now look outside or just within our soul,
and find the beauty sitting there
waiting to be discovered

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