Thursday, 25 September 2014

Reflection 111 (still alive)

Still alive

All of us will be dead one day.
One hundred years from here this may be a fact.
None of us will be still walking on this earth

But then some of the good we did
But then some of our kind acts
But then some of our inspiring words
may be still alive

The love of my late mother is still alive in me
The inspiring words of Ghandi are still alive today
The kindness of Mother Theresa is still alive
The wisdom of our prophets is still so much alive

Unlikely that we will be famous as Ghandi or Mother Theresa
But oh so likely that our small kindness, our encouraging words
will live on in our children and then in theirs.
Our small sacrifices may live in our patients and then in their clients
Our small love may forever be transmitted and augmented
and at least a part, perhaps the most wonderful part of us will be still alive ...

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