Friday, 26 September 2014

Reflection 112 (illusion of knowing all)

Illusion of knowing all

Have you seen a TV-program by the religious teachers or preachers.
Very often it is followed by a question and answer session.
For each question, they seem to know exactly the correct answer.

I have never heard them say: this is an important question. Let us find the answer together.
They seem to want to maintain an image of all knowing preachers-teachers.
They are not taking the role of guiding the seekers to find the answer themselves.
There seem to be never options for the seeker, they seem to be ready always with one correct answer and only one. Rarely they ask for more explanation even though many of the problems asked about seem so complex and personal. 

Why do so many people refuse to think for themselves.
The preacher-teachers like their powerful position
They often threaten with hell and the anger of God
They portray thinking for one-self as dangerous.

Please my friends, dare to trust the wisdom of your soul
Dare to think for yourself
Demand guidance rather then prescription if preacher-teachers want to preach-teach

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