Saturday, 28 May 2016

Mother earth

When we see the huge accumulation of stupidity
that is cheered by a large number of Americans
when Trump spews idiotic rethoric
I think many people feel like vomiting.

The latest on energy.
He wants to revive fossil fuel burning in America
He loves market forces, he says, these are beautiful forces.
In the same breath the hypocrite says that he will help his
super rich friends who have invested in coal and fracking
to recuperate their losses.

I hope someone keeps track of all times this nut
contradicts himself.
Within one speech he is contradicting himself flagrantly
Hope people take the effort to compare his speeches.
Hope there are enough Americans who have left a little of sense to see
through this fool who seems only good in rhetoric.

Market forces include the awareness among all people on earth
that we need to save nature and mother earth.
Please people of America
do not let a fool mess with America and the rest of the world...

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