Monday, 30 May 2016


Why is there so much suffering in the world?
Is God not good, or is God no powerful?
Why do the animals have to suffer?
And why are there so many cruelties?

A test, a punishment for sins of old?

I think the best answer to the questions above lies in the next story:

A two year old child was having a wonderful time
A beautiful glistening knife in his hands,
what a superb toy and how much fun.
His father comes in the room and gets a shock.
He runs to the child and takes away the knife.
The child protests and starts to cry.
The child feels treated unfair and cannot understand.
No matter how hard the father tries to explain,
the two year old child will not understand.

Sometimes I think we are a bit like that two year old.
Our human brain so wonderful but yet compared to grandeur
of the universe and the greatness of our God, our mental
powers are like mere spark compared to the light of the sun.
With our limited immature brain power of a human being
we see so much suffering and feel it is not fair.

It has happened to me and I am quite sure to you and to everyone too,
that something bad happened. It felt unfair, why me, why now, why here.
But a week or two later or sometimes years later, we can see
that the bad event, in fact has brought us a blessing that would never
have come our way if that event would not have happened.

A school burned down in India. How can the Master of the Universe be so cruel?
The whole community shouts in disbelief but the teachers sees an opportunity
to collect funds from donations to build a new school that is much better than the old one.

I fractured my vertebra. I was confined to bed for 3 months.
I cursed the event leading to the fracture and wondered why me, why now?
During that period I started writing poems, and developed a passion for poetry.
If that had not happened, a hobby that brings me now so much fulfillment and joy
would have perhaps never materialised

I am sure you can give examples from your life.

Many of the larger things, we cannot understand.
There may be a reason, that we do not see.
A reason we cannot comprehend.

If we can accept that we cannot comprehend everything.
it becomes a bit easier to enjoy the beauty of life
It requires humility, humbleness, yes
But life is elevated to the next level
Life is not easy, but in many place we can find beauty, even in difficult times. :)

I have a small poem, written quite some time ago:
the-story-of-why  (click)

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