Friday, 28 October 2016


I was sitting inside.
I was looking at you-tube on my phone,
had found some very old fashioned Flemish songs
from local singers, singing in my very own dialect.

Then came out the sun, from behind the clouds.
My eye caught the sunlight and there was such a strong nudge inside
to go outside and enjoy the beauty of the sun shining in the garden.

I went outside and completely unexpected on the leaves of the first tree i met
was sitting a butterfly with wonderful wings. I stopped in my steps and admired the beauty.
The butterfly slowly opened its wings and showed me the other side of his wings,
different but also amazingly beautiful. I went on walking and saw a few wild white small flowers
which must have grown overnight. They contrasted so beautifully with yellow wild flowers that were there all the time.

Serendipity, such a nice word. It means something good happening unexpectedly. Encountering something good that we did not fully expect. If we manage to walk with an open mind, an open heart and our eyes widely open for beauty, we can encounter so many things. Sometimes all it takes is to listen to that little voice inside, that little voice that is inviting you to make a walk outside :)

I remember just last week. It was about 11 pm. I felt the desire to make a walk to the beach. My rational mind protested. Usually if I get these kind of crazy ideas, I invite my eldest son and he is almost always ready to join me on a little crazy adventure. Sometimes he says to me, we like to do crazy things, don't we? And it gives me a smile. But that night last week, when I went to his room, he was tired and did not feel like going out. I put the idea aside but as I was in my room again the idea to make a nightly walk towards the beach came back. I thought, well, perhaps I just need some fresh air and made the walk alone. When I reached the beach I got so much more than fresh air. There were fireflies making the most wonderful dance in the air. At first I saw one and then another one and then more and more. It was so nice. It made me think of a small poem (in-the-dark-of-the-night-) I have written quite some years ago about a single firefly that was giving me so much hope for a wonderful sunrise. Here I had in front of me not one but so many. Somehow it kindled my hope for humanity and I went to sleep in such a peaceful state of mind.

Serendipity, something nice, meeting something nice that we were not looking for. If you were not familiar with the word, let us make it something familiar. If we follow our small nudges inside (some people call it intuition), we tend to meet things we never had expected.

Many mornings, I ask our God, please my God, let me follow your path. Then I think for a while what that means to me, but I always end with: or something better. And surely our Creator knows what is best for us, and many days, we get opportunities to do good, far beyond our imagination. I love the word serendipity. Just celebrate the word today with me :)

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