Saturday, 5 November 2016

A small thought

A small thought my dear students and friends,
may make you pass or fail.

If you do not believe deep inside
that you are ready to pass the exam,
How can you convince your examiner
that you are?

So, today start believing in yourself
gather enough self confidence to stirr
something deep inside.
Believe you will pass.

Too many times we are so afraid of grand disappointments
that we choose not to believe from the start.
But that lack of belief, that lack of self confidence
will soon became a self fulfilling prophecy.
That lack of belief will cause so much agony, so much pain,
perhaps ten times more than the pain of the disappointment in
case you'd not pass after having believed you would.

So let us think clear, not choose certain pain even before we sit for the exams
Let us think clear and choose a healthy level of self-confidence.
Passing is never a certainty
but no one needs to go through the agony of facing an exam
while convincing themselves they will not pass.

Most of the things we need to bring out from our brain, during an exam,is sitting somewhere in our memory. Whether or not we manage to bring out the true answer from the depths of our memory
will depend on our mental state. We need exactly the right amount of adrenaline:
- If we are too self confident we may have a lack of adrenaline
- If we are not confident enough we will produce far too much

So at least a few weeks before any exam,
start practicing a healthy level of self confidence
This positive self talk is so important.

Self confidence alone is not enough; we have to be prepared for the exam
but without self confidence, even if we prepare are chances to achieve success will be most likely not very great.

Aim for distinction, If you miss, you 'll still pass

Think: "I will pass"
Do not think: "I will fail"
'cause on little thought can make a huge difference

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