Friday, 11 November 2016

What a wonderful world

I was just listening again to the song of Louis Armstrong, what a wonderful world.
Each time I hear the song it seems to have a kind of special effect on me.
His almost magical voice gets time after time the fullest of my attention
and each word in the song seems to move my heart in an extraordinary way.

I think we need more songs like this.
We need more people like Louis Armstrong,
singing excitedly about the beauty of the world,
about flowers and friendship and children.

Right now, I feel the world is still reeling
by a surprising American vote for hatred
for division and isolation and bigotry,
but somewhere inside I keep hoping.

Actually inside of me,
there is something so much stronger than hope.
It is more of a positive certainty that soon,
much sooner than many of us can expect,
the world will take a turn for the better.

Perhaps the American election was meant to be like this.
We tend to learn very valuable lessons from our mistakes.
I hope, no, I know, that somehow the force that has pushed evolution
to the extremely high level of human function we experience to day,
will continue to steer the world to new heights,
no longer alone in the sense of new technical progress
but much more now in the sense of wisdom progress.

The world is caring.
Extremely caring, when compared to 200 years ago.
And our generation Y and Z is rejecting greed at a much higher level
than ever before.

Please my friends, keep believing with me.
If you have a hard time, especially after Brexit and Trump,
take a minute or two and listen to the most amazing song ever produced:

I wish you so much love
So much caring
So much sharing
and a day full of peace of mind and happiness.

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