Saturday, 19 November 2016

No gym, don't worry

If we feel like we need a body work out,
we tend to go to the gym and burn some calories doing exercises
or we go for a log walk and to burn more calories we jog a bit.

This morning, I was wondering, why do we waste so much efforts
why do we waste so much money
There are so many useful things we could do while still getting the work out our bodies need so badly. Why not we go and clean the beach instead of going to the gym or why not instead of running in the park or along the beach, we bring a person in a wheelchair and burn the extra calories while walking, pushing a wheelchair and having a nice chat with the person in the chair?

Let us each organize at least once in a year a crazy event like a wheelchair walk
If you are a member of a gym, why not ask your friends from the gym to replace
one session in the gym with cleaning a stretch of beach of 1 km long
or go and cut the grass in a whole kampung to make it look really nice?

There are so many useful things we can do
that provide exercise to the body in a very balanced manner,
much more balanced than the apparatus from the gym :)

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