Tuesday, 22 November 2016


I have always been intrigued by the paradox:
It is in giving that you receive.

For a long time, I thought it did not make too much sense.
If you give away your money, you have less in your account.
Giving with the aim to receive sounded more like corruption.

Now I think I understand that the paradox is not about money.
It is not about material things. It is more like this, I feel:
It is in giving love that you receive peace of mind

And somehow receiving peace of mind is a tremendously bigger gift
to receive than any amount of love we could ever give.

The paradox could also be understood as follows:
Inside our heart we have a large amount of love.
If we take some of it to give it away,
automatic it is replenished with much bigger amounts
than the amount that was given away.
So again it is in giving that we receive.

I remember an event in my own life, i have described already before:
As I work in Malaysia, whenever I visited my family in Belgium
I somehow expected a special welcome, from my closest family.
If it did not work out as expected, I was frustrated and sometimes,
the whole visit turned out to be not so pleasant.
Then I read in the prayer of Francis of Assisi:
"Please, God, Let me seek to
love rather than to be loved"
My next visit, I applied this wisdom and tried to give love no matter what.
I received a great peace of mind
My own heart become more filled with love
and as cream on the cake, my closest relatives love for me was fantastic
It was the best visit ever

So, before frowning again (as I used to do in the past) upon hearing or reading
this amazing paradox: it is in giving that we receive,
try to apply it to giving love.
Amazing, truly astonishing, fascinating, awesome


  1. By giving away our money to the needy, we are expanding the value of money,
    RM 1,000 is not even enough to buy the tyres of a luxurious car, but is able to buy many bicycles for the children who have to walk 10km to schools -- this might mean a lot to them and might make a change.
    We will be able to understand the true value of money.

    By doing donation, we will learn that there's actually more values (money) out there, awaiting to exchange with our ideas, effort & productivity.

    By financially supporting the needy people to improve themselves, we will understand that, there's always a lot of chances & support out there, if we can come out with a good and reliable plan to implement.

    By loving & caring for others, only then we will understand that, there's much more love surrounding us and out there in the world. if only we can open up the windows of our heart and love others.

    The more we worry about how much we don’t have, the more we try desperately to get more; and the more we will be unable to see & plan clearly what we truly need, and the more we will lose our control & credibility.

    There’s something that never seems real, until we practice it and experience ourselves, when we live with an abundance mindset.

    1. Just now I read this posting again. I noticed I had not replied on this wonderful comment. So much wisdom is written so fluently in it. Many thanks.

    2. You're most welcome, and thanks for the compliments.

      The comments were prompted by your reflections.



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