Saturday, 26 November 2016

Changing the world

When the terrible news of a genocide comes we tend to get despondent.
We want to do something about it; sometimes we sign a petition,
but generally we feel quite powerless.

When we see the children in Africa dying from hunger
We want to do something about it; sometimes we donate a sum to a charity involved
but generally we feel powerless.

When I was very young, I had this dream, this ideal to change the world for the better. I saw it quite big. This is not a simple thing to do however. As I grew a bit less young :), I almost gave up on this wonderful ideal, this amazing dream. But in moments of reflection I became aware that I do not have to give up that adorable dream and fantastic ideal:

We may be not able to save the world from atrocities, but we CAN change the world! We may not be able to help our brothers and sisters suffering now in places that are far away from us, but we can get ourselves inspired.

If we manage to make a small positive change in our family or prevent a minor negative event in our village or at our workplace,we are in the process of changing the world. If we manage to enjoy the pleasure of living a life filled with altruism and try to inspire some others about this very true feeling and desired way of life, we are changing the world. Each and everyone can make many small changes in this world and I am sure if enough us do so, we look at a future that is bright for most people, 100% foolproof against idiotic despotism

If wondering how to start, there is a good site on the web about random acts of kindness: 

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