Sunday, 6 November 2016

The "wild well-doer"

(title borrowed from a cartoon)
This small essay is on the combination of service and humility.

If we manage to give some real good selfless service,
quite often we feel we should keep it to ourselves,
if not, we think, it will be no longer selfless;
If we share our good deeds with others, we may feel we lost humility.
That leads to people to be very discrete about their own good deeds
while most people tend to be quite loud about other people's bad deeds.

The above causes a disproportionate ratio of bad talk, bad news over good talk, good news.
Sharing our good and nice achievements does not mean a lack of humility.
One can immediately see whether it is done to share and inspire
or to elevate the wild well-doer

If we try to give good service however, there is always a threat of loss of humility.
It lies not so much in sharing our achievements to inspire, but it lies in our judgement.
After a while we become sure that what we do is right, because it feels so right.
That is still OK. But that feeling of being right makes us too often judge others as wrong.
And that is not OK.

We are all humans with our innate limitations and weaknesses.
Whenever I tend to become too judgemental, there seems to happen something
that really brings me back with my feet on the ground.
It is good to encourage, to inspire, but harsh criticism is rarely of benefit.

So, in conclusion, yes, always keep focused on remaining humble
not so much in terms of avoiding to inspire others
but more in terms of avoiding to criticize others.
But remember:

ABOVE ALL, Enjoy to be a wild well-doer

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