Sunday, 13 November 2016


There is a story of settlers of a big land,
passing over big plains areas of fertile soil
but they did not find water.
They dug wells and the wells dried up too soon
and they moved on and on.

Later other people came to the same areas.
They dug deeper wells and found abundant streams of water
and now the land is giving so much produce

The author of the text (SW Bremer) compared the deep streams of abundance
with the deep sources, talents and callings, that reside deep within our inner self.
We may just live on the surface and experience drought after drought,
but then, when we dig deeper in our mind, heart and soul,
we may find our very own special talents and start a life
where work becomes a hobby.
Please, let us keep on searching
searching for our calling
searching for the truth
Sometimes we may have to search deep.

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