Thursday, 10 November 2016

Awe suddenly quadrupled

I do not know too much about life,
but I know that it keeps amazing me.

Today my good friend Prof Zabidi
shared with me the most astonishing coincidences
happening for his adopted daughter who is severely disabled.

Coincidence comes from the word, coincide.
If two lines coincide, that means that they perfectly match.
Perfectly matching lines have nothing to do
with haphazardness or chance events.

Surely some coincidences are just chance events
but I think almost every human being has witnessed
not one but multiple coinciding events that
touch on the borders of the impossible.

The new-age thinkers believe that through
directed thoughts and positive feelings
people can increase the likelihood
of supreme level coincidences in their life.

I am not a believer in magic
but somehow if we keep our mind busy with positive thoughts
we will give more attention to the positive things and
notice the opportunities more readily and accurately too.

The way we think affects our attention
Our attention affects our perception and from there also our actions.
So, even if not agreeing with most of new-age thoughts,
it does make sense to think more positive thoughts
in order to create more positive events in our life.

Another huge puzzle and amazing thing in our life
is the capability of humans to control to a certain extent our emotions.
By changing our thoughts, we can change our emotions.

And then how our problems tend to shape quite often our life.
Life never seems to stop to be truly amazing!
Thinking about life does bring a feeling of awe.

This evening I was experiencing such a state of amazement and awe,
while thinking about life and all the above, when I suddenly looked outside
and saw a most adorable sunset from my hotel room over the skyline of Kuala Lumpur.
My awe and respect for the world, which was at almost maximal levels, I thought,
suddenly quadrupled !


  1. We always have a choice to create heaven -- or hell -- on earth :)


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