Friday, 23 June 2017

A Big Verb

I 'll remember always the story from Stephen Covey.
He ran a practice for therapy and a man came and said:
"Doc, I do not love my wife anymore"
And Stephen said: Why do you not love her anymore?
Man: "I don't know"
Stephen: Well love her again.
Man: "I just told you I do not feel love for her anymore"
Stephen: Love is a verb.
To love somebody is to do loving things for that somebody.
If you love, do loving things, invariably the feeling follows.
If we stop loving, stop doing loving things, the feeling will go.
So just start to love her and your problem will be solved.
We can always (or almost always) choose what we do.
and as such also indirectly choose what we feel :)

Isn't that just a wonderful story?

PS: this story was also the basis for a message i posted in this blog last year

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