Saturday, 3 June 2017

Gardening magic

Working a bit in the garden,
cleaning up the beach a bit.
I enjoy this so much.

What a tremendous blessing.
Just come to think of it...

What made these moments of joy,
doing some gardening, possible?

For close to 53 years
I needed to be healthy and have a fresh mind
regular rest and good food, no unexpected harm

I needed a garden with grass and flowers
and trees ans shrubs.

I needed to be born  first
If you think about he likelihood of being born...
Each of my 1 million ancestors in the last 20 generations
have to be conceived exactly at the time they were conceived,
or I would not have been here.
Each must have grown and been healthy at least to allow conception and birth of a healthy next ancestor. If just one of the conceptions, one of the births, one of the healthy growing up to generate the next ancestor did not happen exactly as it happened, I would have not been here.

And the garden: think about all the plants and millenia of sunshine and rain
If had not rained for a year, would my garden be possible at all?
We can look at the molecular level or atomic level,
how many billions of atoms have to line up correctly to
allow me to enjoy the gardening?
How many neurons have to work together?

Wow, what an enormous blessing!
I think, this afternoon, before dark, I want to garden a bit more.

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