Saturday, 13 January 2018

Electric !

Electricity existed at the time Moses was walking the earth.
Electricity existed at the time Julius Caesar was walking the earth
Electricity existed at the time Napoleon was walking the earth

Was it God's fault they were walking in the dark
Was it God's fault they had no light?

Surely not. It is just that humanity needed to evolve
to a level that someone could discover the light bulb
to discover electricity, to discover batteries...

Now we use electricity to perhaps its best level .
We enjoy it

Kindness existed in olden times
Kindness existed in the nineteenth century
Kindness exists in the 21st century.

Peace and unconditional love and universal kindness
are now here already in this world.
They have always been.

But somehow many of us are still walking in the dark
in the darkness of greed and strive and racism and nationalism
But the good news is that the time is ripe.

It is in these exciting times that we are evolving perhaps enough
to kindness materialize and fully be expressed for all human beings.

Peace is here.
Unconditional love is here
Universal kindness is here
Let us just open up.
The time is ripe
Let these three come to universal expression.

(inspired by a video by Michael B. Beckwith)

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