Friday, 19 January 2018


My son is working in Shah Alam, about 1h flight from where we live now.
He recently was at home for a short holiday and on the way back to the airport,
I had a good discussion with him.

He had recently a bit of a standoff with one of his room mates, or better said, apartment mates. They had not been talking to each other for quite some time.

I asked him whether he wanted to be a leader or a follower.
Of course we want to be leaders. My son too.

I was then saying that if we are good only if others are good to us,
but if others to us behave nasty, we respond in a nasty way too,
we are NOT leaders, but followers: we just follow the other's way.

True leaders choose the way they want to behave.
Let's say you choose to be a good person, nice and friendly.
Then we should stick to that choice, to that decision, no matter what.
If people are good, we are good, nice and friendly
If they are not good, we are good, nice and friendly.
Most likely they will be surprised by this and 
become also good, nice and friendly.
THAT is true leadership.

I asked him to try and greet his apartment mate every day in a very warm way and see how he responds within 3 days. I am not sure my son will do it, but if he does, I am sure he will learn a huge lesson from it.

I have written similar messages in this blog before,
but this is something sooo close to my heart,
that I want to share this bit of wisdom in a variety of ways. :)

Yes, it worked. I happened to be in KL one week after that and they were again good friends !

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