Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Changing the world!

It is almost time to close my eyes, but before going to sleep, I want to make it a bit quiet within. I remember the song about love: 🎸Let us love, love, love! Everybody, love, even when it is hard to love,🎹 our loving will change the world. Our sharing will change the world.

Seems like some inner ramblings of my soul,
but it was something from you-tube,
I heard it perhaps more than a year ago,
but my memory had stored it in a safe place
for this giant truth to come back to me tonight:

Love, love, love
even if it is hard to love,
our loving will change the world

Share, share, share
even if it is hard to share,
our sharing will change the world

Let us all make it quiet for awhile
and let our soul sing these wonderful verses.
We will change the world !

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