Monday, 21 May 2018


Here I want to share with you my recent experience sitting outside.

I was sitting outside in my garden and suddenly managed to appreciate how beautiful one of the trees was. It was a tree, I had walked by countless times but had never really noticed its particular beauty. And now I just sat there, not far from that particular tree, truly admiring the beauty of the texture of its bark. I could see the roots disappear in the depth of the soil and above form the crown with all the shades of green it displayed. I loved it, I had like a few moments of joy.

A little bit more reflection made me look at other trees too and surely they had so much beauty too. I had so many trees in and outside my garden, in my village! And all had their own special beauty. Let us all make some time today to pick a tree, take a closer look at it, discover its amazing beauty and just sit not far from it and have a few truly enjoyable moments.

Some people hug trees, talk to trees. This is not very much in my character to do. But I will surely try to make a bit more time to just watch some trees and perhaps in the weekend I will try to plant some new ones for the next generation :)

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