Thursday, 12 July 2018

bit by bit

Today, I had a small discussion with my students.
They are wonderful people, so motivated to become good docs.
One of them shared a story of trying to convince a father to be more compliant with the therapy that was necessary for his son. Somehow he had succeeded at least partially but then he expressed his frustration about how much effort it took and how partially his success was in convincing the father. 

I think I have been there, I think most of us have been there. It is not easy, is it? So often we try the very best, not for us, but for someone else and then that someone else is just ignoring us or not appreciating at all what we did. 

I encouraged the student to persist. Even for this father who is still not fully compliant with the doctor's prescription for his son, the student had meant a whole lot. He has shown his care, he has shared his knowledge. The father did still not fully grasp the importance of the student's message, but I am sure in his heart he will surely value the efforts of the student so much. We need more true doctors like this. Each caring act from a true doc, will discourage people to seek help from quackers and cheaters practicing the so called alternative medicine. 

Let us contribute a small little bit to a better world every day, just like my student did. Let us not be too focused on the outcome, because deep in our heart we know that the long term will be excellent. Each of the small acts of kindness and caring, will accumulate and the giant heap of goodness will be soon be covering the world.

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