Wednesday, 30 August 2017


There are days, I do hardly see a piece of greenery.
There are days, I see a lot of greenery.
Sometimes, I see greenery but I do not really look at it

Some of my most happy moments
are when I just take the time
to look at, fully enjoy looking at greenery

In the upcoming day, I will make some time
to just look, do nothing else but look
at the greenery, find the beauty in it
and simply enjoy!
Will you do the same?
Let us do it together.
It will give us peace of mind
and it will inspire us to inspire the world :)

 Hope you enjoyed this soul sprinkle by Hans Van Rostenberghe
Feel free to share it, use it in any positive way
Will be grateful if you mention the link

If you have time, please take also a look at
the inspirational quotes page connected to this blog
some of my poems published under my pen name Aufie Zophy.

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