Monday, 13 August 2018

Games for power

The political game tries to create fear and hatred.
The motive is to gather enough support to be in power.
It goes against our own very nature,
but due to immaturity and lack of wisdom
masses have been engulfed by such games
leading to the most disgusting atrocities in history.

Our true nature is so different.
Our true nature is one of love and kindness
Our Creator has created us in a way, we experience
peace of mind and true happiness when we are kind and loving
when we are kind and forgiving, when we are magnanimous.

Sadly politicians and some religious scholars alike
play with the sentiments of fear and hatred to gather support
to gain followers.  Never fear and hatred bring peace of mind
or happiness. Only love and kindness do.

There is a certain urgency in today's world.
We do not want the genocide of Rwanda,
of the Nazis and so many more to be repeated
 anywhere in the world.
For that we need a critical number of people
wise and mature enough to counter the cries
of wicked leadership. It is time, high time to ignore
the cries for hatred by any type of leader, be it political,
be it religious.

Let us nib any cry for hatred in the bud;
if not, it may grow into something big and atrocious
Let us embrace any cry for love and kindness
Our world will change for the better.

Friday, 10 August 2018

Mattering matters

Let us not be dragged into polarization!

What really matters is:
to protect our environment
good education
good care for our disabled fellow humans
control of addictive drug sales and use
peace within our community
peace in the world
lots and lots of kindness
Learn from each other's differences

What does not matter is:
the polarizing sentimental issues that those in power want to use to gain more followers. Let us not be dragged in endless polarizing discussions but work together for a society filled with harmony, love, kindness and respect.

Let us demand that the agenda of our leadership covers more of the first and less of the second...

If we send respect and kindness to our enemies, we will soon live in world filled with friends

Monday, 6 August 2018

A wish

I wish you 

A sea of peace
unconditional love
an ocean of abundance
divine intelligence
universal beauty
cosmic harmony

Do not search for it in far away lands
Do not chase it.
Let us just tune in to the energy around us
Let us make it truly silent
and let the above come and sit on our shoulder.

I am sure we can do it.

(inspired by M. Beckwith)

Monday, 30 July 2018


I wrote poem some time ago and its title was "three hundred" :

We all
were born with
three hundred talents
three hundred gifts
three hundred strengths
but only
ninety nine weaknesses 
Today, I experienced a day, a bit like this. 
I woke up with quite some energy, 
said my prayers, together with my son,
then to work, everything seemed to go well.
Managed to give quite some useful service, I think.
Then at home my weakness propped up.
A quarrel. 
The problem is that very often we tend to spend so much time reminiscing on our own weaknesses and problems and not on our strengths and blessings. 

Saturday, 28 July 2018


"To be loving is not something that is taught;
to be compassionate is not an idea;
to be in empathy is not an esoteric principle;
this is the way a human being is made,
if only he does not constipate his consciousness
with limiting identifications, with things that he is not"

Love, compassion and empathy are not something 
that we have to acquire, not something that we have to work towards,
it is our very nature! 

When I heard Sadguru say this in a video of one of his TED talks,
I remember thinking this myself several years ago in almost exactly the same words.
I had written a small poem about it myself, more than two years ago.

Please click on this link to read the poem.
The video of the TED talk is here

All blade

"A mind all logic is like a knife all blade. It makes the hand bleed that uses it"
Rabindranath Tagore

Wow, I got a true wow-experience upon reading this quote of a very wise man.
So true, we cannot underestimate the importance of our heart, our soul.
Surely the rational and logic mind is of extreme value to each of us
but without emotion, silence, peace, love, what would it still be worth?

Friday, 27 July 2018

The proverbial butterfly

Too often we search for pleasure,
we search for sensual gratification.
We do have fun but our basic state of mind
is not one of peace.

Peace of mind is the greatest good.
We will not find it through searching.
It is something we cannot chase
It is something that comes or does not come.

We can only create the conditions
that are most likely to allow
a big dose of peace of mind to come
We have to make it silent

Today, my friends, let us stop for awhile
Stop the search for pleasure, the search for fun
Make it silent within. Peace of mind will
as the proverbial butterfly land on your shoulder

Monday, 23 July 2018


The biggest pleasure
the simplest happiness
the most serene peace
lies in a simple kind act

Today I took a grab-car from my meeting to my hotel.
It was not very far but traffic was heavy.
The price of the ride was RM 6 (+- 1.5 €).
We had a small talk and his wife was expecting their first baby.
When we arrived I found only notes of RM 50 in my wallet 
and a bit impulsively, gave him a 50 note, letting him keep the change.
The smile on his face was good. Truly...

...The biggest pleasure
the simplest happiness
the most serene peace
lies in a simple kind act

PS: this is not a boast, 
I just hope this posting is inspiring
many other simple kind acts.

Saturday, 21 July 2018

Sharing virtue

What is well planted will not be uprooted.
What is held well, will not slip away. 
(Lao Tsu - 500BC) 

When we want to instill virtue within our children, what do we do?
Whether we want to teach our children honesty, or regular prayers
or any other virtue, what is our approach?

- make it sound like compulsory?
- let them know they will go to hell if they don't?
- promise them heaven if they do?

Preaching virtue followed by a threat or shaky promise, sounds a bit like slamming a young shoot or sapling on the ground and hope that it will grow into a wonderful tree blossoming flowers and producing fruits of virtue. Religious scholars who continuously talk about hell and heaven, have not learned the value of humility and most likely are ignorant about the true meaning of the Mercy of our Creator.

If we want any plant to grow and blossom,
we have to dig a bit, put some fertile soil into the hole
then plant the tree, and care for it with loving care

While virtue can hardly be preached,
we can BE virtuous together with our children
and then talk about how we feel about it.
We can choose to be honest and pay the adult ticket as soon as they turn 12, even they still look much younger. We can choose to stop in our steps and help the elderly woman across the road. We can choose to visit that old auntie or that lonely neighbor. We can choose to pray together in the most meaningful way. And not only do these things together but then discuss together the feelings that these things generate. If we have messed things up and did lose our temper, we can share how bad it felt to ourselves. If our children lose their temper, we can ask them later how it felt afterwards and discuss how we/they could have reacted alternatively.

Virtue is something we need to plant wisely.
Things that are planted well, are not uprooted.

Within our world we have given too much power to power-sick people
be it politicians, be it religious leaders, be it bosses of companies.
Within our world, we have given up too much of our self respect,
too much of our own wisdom, while listening to often-disturbed leaders.

Practicing virtue with our children and feeling the peace of mind together
forcing virtue down their throats by threats of hell or promises of heaven
Let us choose all together the very best way of planting virtue wisely

Quote "Virtue only remains if it's reached by personal conviction. If it's demanded of us, we have no way of knowing if it's true, and then surely it will not be lasting" - Stefan Stenudd

Monday, 16 July 2018


At ten thirty pm, I was sitting on the beach.
It was dark, no moon, but stars were shining.
I listened to the sound of the waves,
I looked at the waves in scanty light,
I could hear the peace in the air,
I could see the peace in the sea,
I could feel it in my heart and
my soul, the most peaceful part of me
came right to the surface of my being.

It remained there for a long time,
before slowly withdrawing
to its own deep depths.

Oh, my God,
let my soul come back to the surface
and let it be there for ever.

Thursday, 12 July 2018

bit by bit

Today, I had a small discussion with my students.
They are wonderful people, so motivated to become good docs.
One of them shared a story of trying to convince a father to be more compliant with the therapy that was necessary for his son. Somehow he had succeeded at least partially but then he expressed his frustration about how much effort it took and how partially his success was in convincing the father. 

I think I have been there, I think most of us have been there. It is not easy, is it? So often we try the very best, not for us, but for someone else and then that someone else is just ignoring us or not appreciating at all what we did. 

I encouraged the student to persist. Even for this father who is still not fully compliant with the doctor's prescription for his son, the student had meant a whole lot. He has shown his care, he has shared his knowledge. The father did still not fully grasp the importance of the student's message, but I am sure in his heart he will surely value the efforts of the student so much. We need more true doctors like this. Each caring act from a true doc, will discourage people to seek help from quackers and cheaters practicing the so called alternative medicine. 

Let us contribute a small little bit to a better world every day, just like my student did. Let us not be too focused on the outcome, because deep in our heart we know that the long term will be excellent. Each of the small acts of kindness and caring, will accumulate and the giant heap of goodness will be soon be covering the world.

Sunday, 8 July 2018


There is a river of love
flowing through my heart,
that wants to overflow.

A river without banks
is flowing through my veins
It wants to overflow

It wants to overflow
the walls around my nation
the fences around my race

It wants to overflow
religious borders
and cultural boundaries

It wants to overflow
age and generations
space and time

A river without banks
filled with love and kindness
is flowing through your heart

Let it overflow

Friday, 6 July 2018


you and I and he and she
would stop a while today
to think about the words,
the most beautiful words
our son, our mom, our friend,
would like to hear from us,
you and I and he and she
would act on the above,
not later, not soon,
but right now,

Can you imagine what a different world
it would be instantaneously...


Don't forget to read the comment

Thursday, 5 July 2018

Great future docs

Today, I had a session with students who are my personal mentees.
When we addressed their progress in development of professional values, I heard some truly wonderful stories.

These students, early in their clinical years, seem to have developed such a good listening skills, that it really warmed my heart. Just through active listening, the students had managed to extract information from the parents, that, I was sure, was very difficult to get. After being listened to actively, one of the parents had really softened his stance on a wrong belief he had held on to
for a long time.

While so often we tend, as we grow older be dissatisfied with the performance of our juniors, if we actively encourage and look for their empathy and compassion, we become aware, that we do have great future docs among our students.

Wednesday, 27 June 2018

A small prediction

In 2018,
millions of people around the world,
are aware of the huge joy that lies in service.
The true happiness and giant peace of mind
that lies in service.

What I heard
I heard once a hard core fanatic of a particular religion claim,
that his flock was the chosen one, and one day, all people from
other faiths will serve his kindred.

Small prediction
The worst thing (for him and his flock) is that he may be right.
People who are thinking like fanatics may be among the last,
the shameful last people on earth, to discover the giant truth,
mentioned in the first paragraph of this posting,
namely that true happiness and peace and joy lies in service

One day, sooner than later, all people on earth will
fully and completely consciously choose to serve,
to serve each other day by day and purposefully achieve
the peace and happiness  day by day.

The last ones to become aware of this
will be very likely the religious bigots,
the corrupted politicians,
the freemasons, the illuminati,
the unscrupulous tycoons of greed.

But become aware, they will.
They will feel the shame
of clinging on to the stupidity of limitless greed
for material wealth and power for far too long.

Tuesday, 26 June 2018


"criticism is one of the very few ways in which people who are not creative can achieve something and become influential" (E. De Bono)

This is so true. Criticism is often a cheap way to lift our own ego and without often realizing the extent of the damage done, our ego gives a feeling of being on top of the person or thing we criticized.While initially the taste appears sweet to the person giving the criticism, in the long run it leaves invariably a sea of bitterness 'flooding our taste buds'.

Compare it with a time when you sincerely praised another person. Do it again later today or early tomorrow and compare it again to when you criticized.Look at the smile, remember the smile on that person's face.No bitterness, only lasting delight!

Let us be aware!

Criticism is a cheap shortcut
to short term ego glory 
but long term bitterness

Praise is the way to go!
Sincere praise!

Tuesday, 19 June 2018


The world once was
Ocean and land
And trees and flowers
And men and women

Then came civilization

Agriculture started
We produced more food
Than we could eat
And got time
For non-animal things

Men and women
Took control
Cities and streets
And houses and vehicles
And money

Oh big world
With oceans and land
And trees and flowers
And men and women


For more than two millennia
There have been
Extraordinary people
Who became proponents
Of love and compassion

They were single hearted
Sources of inspiration
Sources of peace
Happy, wise people
Making others happy

And civilization went on

In a world with oceans
And land and trees
And flowers
And men and women

Civilization needed wealth
And wealth was never equal
Love was always in the heart
But suppressed by
Search for wealth

Leaders were mongers
Fear mongers
War mongers
Love was every everywhere
But there was not time for love

And civilization went on 

In the world with land and oceans
We got better and better
And now we are all connected

But our leaders still are fear mongers
And we let them
Our leaders are still war mongers
And we let them
For how long?

When will we see through the web
The web of deceit, of lies
When will be open our hearts
For all people in this world
To whom we are connected now

How long will it take
For the wisdom seeds planted long ago
To sprout and grow ferociously
Envelop the world with people
Who open their heart for love?

The love and compassion
That has been in this world
Everywhere and always
It is time, high time
That we get more wisdom

Let us start now to create world
Where love reigns
A fully united world
Where taxes are used for all!
No more hunger!

A world
Where love reigns
Let us start now
A world where
Love reigns 

Monday, 18 June 2018

Little Light

A short poem I wrote about 5 years ago:

There is a little light,
A little light in your heart,
A little light that has tremendous power
If we allow, it can obliterate all darkness.
That little light in your heart
Let it shine.

There is a little light,
A little light in your soul
If we allow, it carries tremendous wisdom
It flashes sparks and thoughts of goodness
That little light in your soul
Let it shine

No matter how dark is the night
Within, you can always find that little light
The light in your heart, the light in your soul
They're always there to brighten your world
These little lights of your heart and soul,
Let them shine. 

I posted the poem on PoemHunter, a website for poetry and one person asked what the light of that light was. I am not sure, but it felt not like the nicest possible comment on this poem. Anyhow, here is what I think about its color:

The little light is sometimes that divine small yellow spark 
that we can find inside when we feel a bit down

It is sometimes the small flame 
of budding inspiration to do something beautiful

Sometimes it turns into a fire 
of enthusiasm while we are helping someone in a big way

Or sometimes it can be like the white sunlight 
spilling its light over to others when we are giving a talk 
trying to motivate or inspire others and suddenly find that exactly fitting aphorism 

It can take the colours of the rainbow when we are in a poetic mood.
That being, said, it is not the light we can see with our eyes, 

it is something we experience with our soul.


Sunday, 17 June 2018

Ads oh ads

What we see and hear on TV and radio,
what we read and observe in the written media,
does not always make a lot of sense
but still we let it determine our lives.

Ads do influence us in a major way
since they use all available psychological techniques
that are known and available today.

Just two simple examples.
1. The ads for smoking.
So obviously nonsensical!
What is the relationship between cigarettes and adventure?
What is the relationship between cigarettes and formula 1 racing?
What is the relationship between smoking and friendship?
And I could go on like this for many more lines of text.
All these things, so obviously nonsensical
but in the ads they are wrapped in such a nice presentation, with such a well studied and well thought-of special effects, that unwillingly we are influenced by their ads in a major, major way.

What do our authorities do to counteract the effect of these ads?
Do they do something similar about non-smoking, using the same techniques or even better special effects?
No, they just condemn the products and keep fixated on nasty effects. Instead of making non-smoking look more attractive for the youth than smoking, they try to convince the youth based on reason and not on emotion, that smoking is bad. In the process they talk so much about smoking, giving smoking so much attention, that some campaigns instead of effectively vilifying smoking, tend to elevate the popularity of smoking.

Something similar can be said of drinking alcohol. How many ads try to associate the consumption of alcohol with coziness and friendship and joviality?
Is it more jovial to drink alcohol together than to drink a freshly squeezed juice together or cup of coffee? If you say "yes" to the above questions, chances are high that you are a willing victim of the nonsensical ads about alcoholic drinks. Alcohol does NOT make friendship or being together more cozy or friendly or jovial. On the contrary it can spoil so many things, it can costs so many lives (in terms of traffic accidents or liver damage). it tends to damage our brain, it tends to make us feel really bad the next day.

Dear friends, I think it is high time, that each and everyone of us, do not allow any longer ads to have any nonsensical effects on us. Let us fight the nonsense in ads all together, If we have contra-ads, we should hardly mention the unwanted behavior but glorify life without it.

Before taking a next cigarette or an alocoholic drink, please sop for a while and  so on. 

Monday, 11 June 2018

Seeing, hearing, feeling

Silence, oh silence,
you make us see when our eyes are closed
you make us hear with our inner ears
you make us feel with our heart.
and no, this is not hallucination
this is pure imagination.

Isn't imagination the greatest gift
A gift of our Creator to our soul
A gift to our mind
A gift to our heart.

Let us
see more  with our inner eye,
hear more with our inner ear
feel more with heartfelt heart

The preciousness of our inner life
A small prayer, a big inspiration
A small silence, a huge imagination
A small kindness, a big love
A small act, a lovely peace of mind
An adventure for our soul

Today;s reflection was inspired by this amazing song

Thursday, 7 June 2018

A Masterpiece

"Make Every Day Your Masterpiece" (Coach Wooden)


I came across this wonderful quote yesterday.
And this is such a great quote, I think.
So true! Life is made out of time for each of us our time on earth is limited.
So every second, every minute, every day that we waste, we waste a bit of our life.

Today I was talking to my nephew almost 14 years old now.
I talked to him about making every day special.
I hope he got some inspiration from my small talk around this quote.

I think most of us want to lead a life of inspiration.
And so many times we manage to be in a certain level of flow
where creative thoughts and actions come to us easily.
However for each of us, there are times where inspiration runs a bit low.
These are the times, we need books, and quotes,
These are the times, we can climb on the shoulders of (other) giants
to reach tall and high.

Yesterday, I just did that: I googled the most beautiful inspirational quotes.
I find the above one and it helped me to get some inspiration in order to make
my today a bit more special than my yesterday.


Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Our choice

I do not speak here of extreme situations,
but I do think most of us can live comfortable
without the need to do things that our God does not want us to do.

All too often we are lured to the path that seems the easy way out. 
The path that leads to instant gratification, to fast money, and so on,
but the truth, the painful truth is that these paths that seem so easy at first
do bring us far more trouble in the end than we can imagine.

If on the other hand we take that path of sticking to our values and principles
no matter what, we will need to take a path that often seems to initially 
lead away from the fast gratification, from apparent instant richness 
But if we take the effort to walk this path, which is the path of God,
we will be never disappointed in the end, because these paths lead to peace.

Peace is on of the greatest gifts of God. Peace is so much more than the absence of war.
Peace of mind is this great feeling we get when we make another human happy, 

that sense of satisfaction, that sense of being a good human being, living in harmony
That sense of peace, that very special peace is always around us, in the air.
All we need to do to experience it, is to choose the path of values, of principles. 
the path that looks a bit harder in the beginning, but brings so much ease in the end. 

Every day some choices present themselves to us.
I have written this concept up into a small poem.
It was among the first ten poems, I ever wrote in English, back in 2010.

I still enjoy reading it. I hope you enjoy it as well:

Our choice

Walking on a hot and scorching day
We meet a splitting of the way
A way downwards looking shady, some trees are there
A way upwards, sandy without trees, just looking bare

Somewhere deep inside we know
The downwards shady path goes low
And down that place, there is no tree
Just heat and sweat and more ennui

Somewhere deep inside we are aware
That the way up, though initially a little bare
Will bring us to a place with lots of shade and big relief
It is God’s way, so I believe

Shall we choose the way below with instant pleasure?
Leading down to a place of heat, we cannot measure
Or shall we make little effort on the upper way?
And enjoy shade and breeze day by day 

Sunday, 3 June 2018

Morning Walk

The morning walk!

Just yesterday, I read one of my reflections, I wrote down in July 2015 (can find them in the archives of this blog on the right side of the page), now almost three years ago. It was about a morning walk I made and I had made the intention to do it every day. Of course the intention had faded with time and now it had been quite a long time that I had made no morning walk. 

So this morning, at 6.45 I was on the beach. There was just a narrow strip of orange in the sky, not so far from the horizon, but still the fresh air and the free massage of my feet on the wavy sand and the moving sea water, was inviting enough to make me go. 

I took a picture of the orangey skies and after a few pics, the battery of my phone was finished. I went to walk and the lively lovely hermit crabs were moving to-and-fro. I loved to see them and decided I will step on none, which, at certain places, was not easy, since there were so many of them. 

The skies evolved into a pastel color feast. The far horizon was a mix of softness of perhaps all rainbow colors one could think off, but then there was a broad strip of light blue sky that duly reflected in the light blue sea. A color of the sea, I had rarely seen before. The dark clouds had gone purple with splashes of a very special shade of yellow all over their bodies. 

I sat down for a while near the shore and let the presence of this beauty fully penetrate my body, through my pores, through my eyes, ears and lungs. I thanked our God and could feel the peace and grace that was never far away. 

I write it down here again. I make the intention to do it more often than ever. But it may take some time before I read this reflection and make some daily walks again 😉


A superb diamond field waits to be discovered by us all
We will find it within our heart and within our soul 
So often these precious stones are left too far behind
To chase pleasures and money with our body and mind

A bit like the farmer who left farm, family and friends
To search for gold and diamonds in faraway lands
It was a mere year later, on his farm, just in the ground
That a huge diamond mine was actually found.

Oh yes my friends, in our heart and soul, deep inside
A bit hidden, lies the biggest field of peace, joy and light
So throw away the worry, stress and fear, play it smart
The biggest source of peace sits right there in our heart 

👆One of my newest poems😊
A small rhyme is incorporated
I wish you all Peace, the Peace with a capital P 
Let us make it quiet for awhile today and 
discover it right where it sits :)