Thursday, 22 May 2014

reflection 35 (postponed coffee)

Postponed coffee

I think most of us have heard about the wonderful story of postponed coffee, where people pay for coffee they have not consumed for future customers who cannot afford a coffee (or some food).

This was brought up by my very bright niece, Charlotte, when I had posted reflection 31 (dilemma).
She indicated that many people thought in a real negative way about this: people do this just for themselves, to get rid of guilt feelings and to feel good about themselves.

How amazing. these people realize that performing a good deed gives anyone who does it a good feeling but instead of starting do nothing else than good deeds themselves, they prefer to criticize people who do it and continue not to  feel good about themselves.

It is so true that complete altruism does not exist. We were all made in a way that the more we help others, the more peace of mind we experience and the more true happiness and bliss comes our way. So what could be possibly wrong with that? People like Mother Theresa realized this very much and lived a life full of good deeds. I think these people are among the happiest on earth. Let us follow at least a bit in their footsteps.

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