Friday, 2 May 2014

Reflection 19 (better)


The world is getting better fast

If you look at the news on TV or if you read newspapers, it looks like the world is about to decompose. This is a false image based on media induced negativity. To 'sell' of course they need to make the news sensational. Everyone wants to see the latest huge crimes and accidents and from good sources, I know that many reporters are not shy to twist the facts a bit (ironically meant, actually I mean a lot) to make the news even more sensational.

I remember so well the Norwegian who went on a shooting spree and killed more than 80 people. For weeks the media were full with reporting on what he said and thought.

Literally thousands or even millions of good hearted people do fantastic acts of kindness, huge in size, overwhelming the impact of even 80 deaths. But all these good and kind acts are not seen. That is why the average TV or newspaper addicted person thinks the world is going the wrong way. It is not. Reality is rosy. Reality is that there are more caring people each day. Each day people discover that we were constituted in such a way that caring kindness is making us happy, far more happy that a holiday or a new car or house.

Every day the number of kind and caring people increases. And it goes exponentially. Have you seen an exponential curve? Initially it goes slowly until it reaches a turning point where it increases enormously fast. I am positively sure that we are very close that that turning point.

Enjoy the kindness, enjoy the world, care a bit more today and be part of a huge kindness revolution which is now happening.

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