Monday, 26 May 2014

reflection 38 (mastermind)


When people with the same vision and ideals get together and start working for a same noble aim, the output tends to be much more than the sum of each individual's achievement. Napoleon Hill described this as the mastermind. When I first read that chapter of the 'law of success' (N. Hill), I could not fully grasp it but now I am experiencing something like this myself.

With a group interested lecturers of Universiti Sains Malaysia and other colleagues we have been working together with the local foundation for disabled (YOKUK) to create a service of home nurse care for the poor people of Kelantan (state in North=East of Peninsular Malaysia). The flow of events has been truly amazing. Now we will soon move from 1 unit of a nurse making home visits to 5 units and the way it has come about is truly amazing.

The multiplicative effect rather than additive effect of people working together is among the very amazing things in this world.

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