Friday, 16 May 2014

Reflection 29 (second level of needs)

Secondary needs

This is a follow up reflection of the one on first level of needs (reflection 28)

Once we have no problems getting enough food, drink and to get our sexual needs fulfilled, we can move a level higher. The second level of needs is the need for comfort. We need to live a comfortable life with a certain level of insurance and lack of too many threats to our status and standard of life. We also need some power, definitely to control our own life but also we feel the need to control at least a bit of the others' lives. We need also a certain level of fun time and leisure and social status.

Far too many of us are caught in this level and expect happiness from ever increasing levels of comfort and ever increasing bank accounts and power.

If we are honest with ourselves, these things make us happy but only for a short while. The true happiness which include as a must peace of mind is much more to be found in the third level of needs which is described in reflection 30

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