Sunday, 18 May 2014

Reflection 31 (dilemma)


When I was reading my last reflection (30) I was giving an example of how one random kind act was changing my worldview and made me realise the importance of kindness in relationship to happiness.
In the same reflection I was talking about the people who went bragging and trying to pull all attention to themselves to be appreciated, which is often counterproductive.

Question: by sharing that random kind act was I not doing exactly what I was criticising?

If we do good to later brag about and get benefits of it, like politicians for votes, we are on the wrong path. That is for sure.

On the other hand, one random kind act can inspire a thousand people. If we systematically keep quiet about the good things happening, we do a disfavor to our communities as well. The media are so good at giving skewed pictures leaning extremely towards all negativity.

I think sharing our positive achievements with the aim to inspire people is not wrong and even a must. How to differentiate it from bragging. Usually not very difficult, I think since the tone of both the opposing activities will soon reveal which one it is: sharing for inspiration or bragging.

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