Wednesday, 31 August 2016


"Please go first"
Today I got a kick out of saying the above words.
Simple things like this can make us really happy.

The one hearing these words unexpectedly gets a smile
The one saying them gets a bigger present still: peace of mind.



these wonderful gifts of God
so fully human and powerfully touching the heart
We try to hold them back, we try to hide them
but really, there is no need
Just let them roll. They speak a thousand words.
They are here for a reason.

Just yesterday i wrote a small poem on it:

O powerful queen
bearing a torch of fire
to melt the heart of stone
Diamond of the eye
baring, unveiling, rolling
a tender trail.
Miraculous drop. 

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Sunday, 28 August 2016


our cities were orchards;
our flats tree huts
decorated with cherry blossoms
and perfume of jasmine flowers;
our highways babbling brooks
surrounded by choirs of birds;
and love the universal language;
bridges would be redundant
‘cause we all ‘d be connected
soul to soul 

Double edged solitude

The double edged sword of solitude. 

It can be so nice to retire from society
after a busy day with lots of judgements and problems.

On the other hand, solitude that lasts too long
can easily turn into loneliness
and then our soul aches for love and kindness.
Somehow we were made in a way
that true happiness lies in turning a smile on someone's face.
Once we manage to ignore the nasty comments
 of nasty people (which are always a minority!) ,
we can start enjoying to share the love and kindness
 that was put in our heart at birth,
by giving it freely to anyone we meet.

There is this inexhaustible source of love, deep inside.

Saturday, 27 August 2016

The big bang of love

From somewhere deep in our hearts

Out of nothing, a bud of love starts

Blossoming in a flower with colors so wild

As if finger painted by an imaginative child

The flower is fragrant beyond any norm

It grows and grows into a fabulous form

It engulfs our body, mind and soul

The beauty within unexpectedly tall

It all grows so quickly, increases so fast

A room filled with tenderness forever to last

It breaks out of the room, out of the house

Soon a village, whole cities, it will encompass

The flowers of love, on the streets, in the air

The flowers rain out and shine kind tender care

To the whole world and universe, ever expanding

A love and kindness for all without ending

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Friday, 26 August 2016


Rabia Basri is one of the amazing women of old times.
She is widely considered a Muslim saint and Sufi mystic.

More than 5 years ago I wrote a little poem about her:
(The purpose of this blog post was not to share the poem,
but to share a quote that i read from her, 
so please read on beyond the poem)

Unconditional love always wins

There was a girl, named Rabia
Captured by vicious men
Sold as slave at a very tender age
Imagine, if you can

Work was tough
Hard, early until late, every day
The master was rough
Bad temper was his way

The master came home quite late one night
He could hear from Rabia’s room some noise
He was concerned, went nearer
It was a whispering voice

He was curious to whom his servant
Would still talk to so late at night
He went to the window to see
And could not believe the sight

The girl he treated rough and hard
Was sitting there to pray
Asking blessings for her master
From the Creator of night and day.

Through his heart, a remorseful wave:
Who was he to treat this saintly girl as slave
He set Rabia from slavehood free
A true saint, she went on to be 

"O God! if I worship Thee in fear of Hell, burn me in Hell; 
and if I worship Thee in hope of Paradise, exclude me from Paradise; 
but if I worship Thee for Thine own sake, withhold not thine everlasting beauty."