Saturday, 6 August 2016

An Orange Miracle

After waking up this morning,
I went downstairs and started
my breakfast with
a wonderful glass of orange juice

I drunk it slowly, enjoying every bit of it
It tasted so heavenly,  so good, so filled with health
I thanked the Universe for it
I thanked the one planting the tree
The sun and fertile soil helping the tree grow
The rain feeding the tree and the fruits
The one plucking the fruit, putting in containers
The one transporting the fruit from the tree
to the distributor and then to the shop
The ones making and selling the lorries
the boats, that were used for transportation
The shop keeper and the cashiers
the one making the fruit press and
the loving hands making the juice
the people involved in making the glass
and getting the glass from production site to my house
Thank you to mother nature
Thank you to so many people involved
in getting me a glass of
freshly squeezed orange juice
to start my breakfast with.

So many people involved,
Aren't we already all serving each other?
We do it still for a salary
but soon, I imagine, I believe,
the pleasure of serving will become
for all of us more important than our salary.

Above was just the orange juice.
Then I ate a slice of bread with some butter on it
some chocolate, a banana and had
a wonderful cup of steaming hot coffee.
Thank you God, thank you Universe,
thank you to all the people loving enough to serve.

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