Wednesday, 30 August 2017


There are days, I do hardly see a piece of greenery.
There are days, I see a lot of greenery.
Sometimes, I see greenery but I do not really look at it

Some of my most happy moments
are when I just take the time
to look at, fully enjoy looking at greenery

In the upcoming day, I will make some time
to just look, do nothing else but look
at the greenery, find the beauty in it
and simply enjoy!
Will you do the same?
Let us do it together.
It will give us peace of mind
and it will inspire us to inspire the world :)

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Saturday, 19 August 2017


Touched by the tremendous love in the hall.
So many parents brought their disabled children to the health camp.
The very special bond and supreme love of these parents was so touching.
That love was filling the hall where the health camp was held.

Touched by the tremendous love in the hall.
More than 250 volunteers had worked so hard for days.
Their love and care for the disabled children, so heart warming.
The hall was truly filled with love.

I just came back from a health camp for disabled children (Johor).
There is sooooo much love in this world of 2017.
There is sooooo much love.

Much more love than hatred!
Much more love than sadness!
Much more love than wickedness!
Much more love than greed!

I do not worry for the future of the world.

While greed is still running high in some areas,
I am so sure love will be its master
While the world has still a lot of haters
Love will be their master

Yes, I was touched today, in so many ways
by the tonnes of love that were present in the hall of the health camp

The mass media (try to) portray that all bad things are on the increase
and that love is shrinking fast in this world.
You and I,  if we look at the people we know, at the world around us,
we know better. Love is ever increasing, and wickedness and hatred
are dying a slow but certain death.

Yes, I was touched today, in so many ways
by the tonnes of love that were present in the hall of the health camp

Saturday, 12 August 2017


I remember so well, a few weeks ago, a lady losing her temper towards a receptionist in a hotel.
We were just in the process of checking in. I told to my wife, loud enough, so the angry lady could hear it: "How ugly is it to lose your temper like this!"

Today, I am staying in another hotel. Yesterday, there was a problem with the lift. It was the room card that did not function to select the floor. We were in a hurry and the one behind the reception took a very long time to solve the problem. Somehow I lost my temper towards him.

Now I feel ashamed to have lost my temper to the receptionist who was actually doing his best. I am grateful, I got a chance to apologize to him. But the main lesson I learned, I think, of the two events (the angry lady few weeks ago and my own anger yesterday) is not to judge too easily when others lose their temper :)

We are all human.
If we sincerely look back at our own life, we all have done some things that are really not nice.
We may detest these things now, but remembering somehow our own weakness will make us milder when it comes to judging others.

If some people do things we don't like, we can try to see the soul inside, try to understand. It will help us not to judge. We can always replace our judgements with kindness.

 Love and kindness seem the highway to happiness and peace of mind!
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Friday, 11 August 2017


A sip of my cup
of pure Brazilian Coffee;
late at night,
thinking about my day.

The afternoon came first to mind:
the beautiful face of KakWan
A retired matron, still caring,
caring for the most miserable people
with a heart so full of love
with a soul so full of spirit.
Is there anything more beautiful
than the sweet satisfaction
shining on the face of a person
who cares and does so much good?

Then came to mind
 the sunrise, a thousand colors
in the sky above the sea

Then the dinner with my wife,
the teaching I had at noon
my breakfast outside.

I thank you my God
I thank you my God
I thank you my God

Some days, are filled with so much love and beauty. If before sleep, we reflect on our day, we enjoy twice :)
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Wednesday, 9 August 2017


All of us have heard about Plato.
Not many of us have read Plato, did we?

 Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.

Above is a quote from Plato.
I think it is a particularly wise quote!

Just now, I read a bit more of Plato's main and most famous work, the republic.
In book one, the ten first pages Socrates argues with his friend on what justice means.
His friend starts from the preposition that justice is to repay debt and that the debt you owe to your friends is good, to do good to them and that the debt you owe to your enemies is evil, to do evil to them. In just a few pages he breaks down the notion that a just man should do evil to his enemies and arrives at the conclusion that a just man should do only good to both friends and enemies. If you have time I invite you to read the argument (many copies of plato's full works are freely available on the net). It is written is such a pleasant way that I am sure you will enjoy: (Socrates talking in the first person)

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Small moon poem

The moon above the sea
is touching my eyes softly
with the sweetest song,
my heart has ever heard

Keep singing, sweet moon,
your gentle voice coloring
the shore in delicate silver
behind a black crown of a tree



Saturday, 5 August 2017

News and feelings

On the internet, in the news, on TV,
we read so many messages that upset us
that create some uneasy feelings of hatred.

Every bit of hatred we swallow and
every bit of hatred we make our own,
is a step back in the direction of the stone age.

I do not think we should stop reading all the news,
I do think that we should not swallow all the news,
not swallow all the hatred and disgust it intends to instill.

At the same time we do not want to be indifferent to the news.
But not allowing the hatred and disgust to enter does not mean
that we cannot practice compassion.
A compassionate approach to the news....

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