Saturday, 12 August 2017


I remember so well, a few weeks ago, a lady losing her temper towards a receptionist in a hotel.
We were just in the process of checking in. I told to my wife, loud enough, so the angry lady could hear it: "How ugly is it to lose your temper like this!"

Today, I am staying in another hotel. Yesterday, there was a problem with the lift. It was the room card that did not function to select the floor. We were in a hurry and the one behind the reception took a very long time to solve the problem. Somehow I lost my temper towards him.

Now I feel ashamed to have lost my temper to the receptionist who was actually doing his best. I am grateful, I got a chance to apologize to him. But the main lesson I learned, I think, of the two events (the angry lady few weeks ago and my own anger yesterday) is not to judge too easily when others lose their temper :)

We are all human.
If we sincerely look back at our own life, we all have done some things that are really not nice.
We may detest these things now, but remembering somehow our own weakness will make us milder when it comes to judging others.

If some people do things we don't like, we can try to see the soul inside, try to understand. It will help us not to judge. We can always replace our judgements with kindness.

 Love and kindness seem the highway to happiness and peace of mind!
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