Tuesday, 19 June 2018


The world once was
Ocean and land
And trees and flowers
And men and women

Then came civilization

Agriculture started
We produced more food
Than we could eat
And got time
For non-animal things

Men and women
Took control
Cities and streets
And houses and vehicles
And money

Oh big world
With oceans and land
And trees and flowers
And men and women


For more than two millennia
There have been
Extraordinary people
Who became proponents
Of love and compassion

They were single hearted
Sources of inspiration
Sources of peace
Happy, wise people
Making others happy

And civilization went on

In a world with oceans
And land and trees
And flowers
And men and women

Civilization needed wealth
And wealth was never equal
Love was always in the heart
But suppressed by
Search for wealth

Leaders were mongers
Fear mongers
War mongers
Love was every everywhere
But there was not time for love

And civilization went on 

In the world with land and oceans
We got better and better
And now we are all connected

But our leaders still are fear mongers
And we let them
Our leaders are still war mongers
And we let them
For how long?

When will we see through the web
The web of deceit, of lies
When will be open our hearts
For all people in this world
To whom we are connected now

How long will it take
For the wisdom seeds planted long ago
To sprout and grow ferociously
Envelop the world with people
Who open their heart for love?

The love and compassion
That has been in this world
Everywhere and always
It is time, high time
That we get more wisdom

Let us start now to create world
Where love reigns
A fully united world
Where taxes are used for all!
No more hunger!

A world
Where love reigns
Let us start now
A world where
Love reigns 

Monday, 18 June 2018

Little Light

A short poem I wrote about 5 years ago:

There is a little light,
A little light in your heart,
A little light that has tremendous power
If we allow, it can obliterate all darkness.
That little light in your heart
Let it shine.

There is a little light,
A little light in your soul
If we allow, it carries tremendous wisdom
It flashes sparks and thoughts of goodness
That little light in your soul
Let it shine

No matter how dark is the night
Within, you can always find that little light
The light in your heart, the light in your soul
They're always there to brighten your world
These little lights of your heart and soul,
Let them shine. 

I posted the poem on PoemHunter, a website for poetry and one person asked what the light of that light was. I am not sure, but it felt not like the nicest possible comment on this poem. Anyhow, here is what I think about its color:

The little light is sometimes that divine small yellow spark 
that we can find inside when we feel a bit down

It is sometimes the small flame 
of budding inspiration to do something beautiful

Sometimes it turns into a fire 
of enthusiasm while we are helping someone in a big way

Or sometimes it can be like the white sunlight 
spilling its light over to others when we are giving a talk 
trying to motivate or inspire others and suddenly find that exactly fitting aphorism 

It can take the colours of the rainbow when we are in a poetic mood.
That being, said, it is not the light we can see with our eyes, 

it is something we experience with our soul.


Sunday, 17 June 2018

Ads oh ads

What we see and hear on TV and radio,
what we read and observe in the written media,
does not always make a lot of sense
but still we let it determine our lives.

Ads do influence us in a major way
since they use all available psychological techniques
that are known and available today.

Just two simple examples.
1. The ads for smoking.
So obviously nonsensical!
What is the relationship between cigarettes and adventure?
What is the relationship between cigarettes and formula 1 racing?
What is the relationship between smoking and friendship?
And I could go on like this for many more lines of text.
All these things, so obviously nonsensical
but in the ads they are wrapped in such a nice presentation, with such a well studied and well thought-of special effects, that unwillingly we are influenced by their ads in a major, major way.

What do our authorities do to counteract the effect of these ads?
Do they do something similar about non-smoking, using the same techniques or even better special effects?
No, they just condemn the products and keep fixated on nasty effects. Instead of making non-smoking look more attractive for the youth than smoking, they try to convince the youth based on reason and not on emotion, that smoking is bad. In the process they talk so much about smoking, giving smoking so much attention, that some campaigns instead of effectively vilifying smoking, tend to elevate the popularity of smoking.

Something similar can be said of drinking alcohol. How many ads try to associate the consumption of alcohol with coziness and friendship and joviality?
Is it more jovial to drink alcohol together than to drink a freshly squeezed juice together or cup of coffee? If you say "yes" to the above questions, chances are high that you are a willing victim of the nonsensical ads about alcoholic drinks. Alcohol does NOT make friendship or being together more cozy or friendly or jovial. On the contrary it can spoil so many things, it can costs so many lives (in terms of traffic accidents or liver damage). it tends to damage our brain, it tends to make us feel really bad the next day.

Dear friends, I think it is high time, that each and everyone of us, do not allow any longer ads to have any nonsensical effects on us. Let us fight the nonsense in ads all together, If we have contra-ads, we should hardly mention the unwanted behavior but glorify life without it.

Before taking a next cigarette or an alocoholic drink, please sop for a while and  so on. 

Monday, 11 June 2018

Seeing, hearing, feeling

Silence, oh silence,
you make us see when our eyes are closed
you make us hear with our inner ears
you make us feel with our heart.
and no, this is not hallucination
this is pure imagination.

Isn't imagination the greatest gift
A gift of our Creator to our soul
A gift to our mind
A gift to our heart.

Let us
see more  with our inner eye,
hear more with our inner ear
feel more with heartfelt heart

The preciousness of our inner life
A small prayer, a big inspiration
A small silence, a huge imagination
A small kindness, a big love
A small act, a lovely peace of mind
An adventure for our soul

Today;s reflection was inspired by this amazing song

Thursday, 7 June 2018

A Masterpiece

"Make Every Day Your Masterpiece" (Coach Wooden)


I came across this wonderful quote yesterday.
And this is such a great quote, I think.
So true! Life is made out of time for each of us our time on earth is limited.
So every second, every minute, every day that we waste, we waste a bit of our life.

Today I was talking to my nephew almost 14 years old now.
I talked to him about making every day special.
I hope he got some inspiration from my small talk around this quote.

I think most of us want to lead a life of inspiration.
And so many times we manage to be in a certain level of flow
where creative thoughts and actions come to us easily.
However for each of us, there are times where inspiration runs a bit low.
These are the times, we need books, and quotes,
These are the times, we can climb on the shoulders of (other) giants
to reach tall and high.

Yesterday, I just did that: I googled the most beautiful inspirational quotes.
I find the above one and it helped me to get some inspiration in order to make
my today a bit more special than my yesterday.


Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Our choice

I do not speak here of extreme situations,
but I do think most of us can live comfortable
without the need to do things that our God does not want us to do.

All too often we are lured to the path that seems the easy way out. 
The path that leads to instant gratification, to fast money, and so on,
but the truth, the painful truth is that these paths that seem so easy at first
do bring us far more trouble in the end than we can imagine.

If on the other hand we take that path of sticking to our values and principles
no matter what, we will need to take a path that often seems to initially 
lead away from the fast gratification, from apparent instant richness 
But if we take the effort to walk this path, which is the path of God,
we will be never disappointed in the end, because these paths lead to peace.

Peace is on of the greatest gifts of God. Peace is so much more than the absence of war.
Peace of mind is this great feeling we get when we make another human happy, 

that sense of satisfaction, that sense of being a good human being, living in harmony
That sense of peace, that very special peace is always around us, in the air.
All we need to do to experience it, is to choose the path of values, of principles. 
the path that looks a bit harder in the beginning, but brings so much ease in the end. 

Every day some choices present themselves to us.
I have written this concept up into a small poem.
It was among the first ten poems, I ever wrote in English, back in 2010.

I still enjoy reading it. I hope you enjoy it as well:

Our choice

Walking on a hot and scorching day
We meet a splitting of the way
A way downwards looking shady, some trees are there
A way upwards, sandy without trees, just looking bare

Somewhere deep inside we know
The downwards shady path goes low
And down that place, there is no tree
Just heat and sweat and more ennui

Somewhere deep inside we are aware
That the way up, though initially a little bare
Will bring us to a place with lots of shade and big relief
It is God’s way, so I believe

Shall we choose the way below with instant pleasure?
Leading down to a place of heat, we cannot measure
Or shall we make little effort on the upper way?
And enjoy shade and breeze day by day 

Sunday, 3 June 2018

Morning Walk

The morning walk!

Just yesterday, I read one of my reflections, I wrote down in July 2015 (can find them in the archives of this blog on the right side of the page), now almost three years ago. It was about a morning walk I made and I had made the intention to do it every day. Of course the intention had faded with time and now it had been quite a long time that I had made no morning walk. 

So this morning, at 6.45 I was on the beach. There was just a narrow strip of orange in the sky, not so far from the horizon, but still the fresh air and the free massage of my feet on the wavy sand and the moving sea water, was inviting enough to make me go. 

I took a picture of the orangey skies and after a few pics, the battery of my phone was finished. I went to walk and the lively lovely hermit crabs were moving to-and-fro. I loved to see them and decided I will step on none, which, at certain places, was not easy, since there were so many of them. 

The skies evolved into a pastel color feast. The far horizon was a mix of softness of perhaps all rainbow colors one could think off, but then there was a broad strip of light blue sky that duly reflected in the light blue sea. A color of the sea, I had rarely seen before. The dark clouds had gone purple with splashes of a very special shade of yellow all over their bodies. 

I sat down for a while near the shore and let the presence of this beauty fully penetrate my body, through my pores, through my eyes, ears and lungs. I thanked our God and could feel the peace and grace that was never far away. 

I write it down here again. I make the intention to do it more often than ever. But it may take some time before I read this reflection and make some daily walks again 😉


A superb diamond field waits to be discovered by us all
We will find it within our heart and within our soul 
So often these precious stones are left too far behind
To chase pleasures and money with our body and mind

A bit like the farmer who left farm, family and friends
To search for gold and diamonds in faraway lands
It was a mere year later, on his farm, just in the ground
That a huge diamond mine was actually found.

Oh yes my friends, in our heart and soul, deep inside
A bit hidden, lies the biggest field of peace, joy and light
So throw away the worry, stress and fear, play it smart
The biggest source of peace sits right there in our heart 

👆One of my newest poems😊
A small rhyme is incorporated
I wish you all Peace, the Peace with a capital P 
Let us make it quiet for awhile today and 
discover it right where it sits :)

Saturday, 2 June 2018


I read a story about a teenager learning how to fly a plane. On his first lesson he was given full control. He was so nervous, tense and stressed that the plane was going up and down erratically while his was pushing the controls. Then his instructor asked him to relax: " This plane is meant to fly; it was made in such a way that it almost can fly by itself. Stop touching everything and just relax for awhile". As soon as he relaxed, and stopped manipulating the controls, the plane flew steadily in a straight line through the skies. 

I like the story so much. Once he trusted the makers of the plane, he calmed down and everything went well. He remained alert and did what he had to do but gone were the tension and stress. 

Actually the deeper point of the story is about our heart and our soul. Our heart and soul were made to let us soar. Soar mentally, emotionally and spiritually. But how often do we truly listen to our heart and soul and truly trust this Creator of us? I share a small anecdote about myself, that happened just yesterday.

As most of you may know by now, I like to write on and off a poem, or at least a reasonable attempt at poetry. It so happened that yesterday I googled my pen name (Aufie Zophy) and found that someone had put up a Youtube video in which he had recorded in a sublime way one of my most famous poems on the net. ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DLM5rdA18gs )

My heart and soul were so excited about this, that I started to share it in my Whatsapp groups. But after sharing in two groups, I grew worried and a bit tense about what "they" might think and say. So I stopped after two groups. Gone was my excitement and here was some stress, of:  "will they like it?", "will the members of these groups talk behind my back?". Later when I read the plane story, I realized I had given up on truly trusting my heart. I imposed limits on myself because i did not trust enough my heart an soul. I could have shared with so many more friends but my lack of confidence, my lack of trust in our Creator, put up the limits because I grew tense and stressed. I know for sure that if I share things like this in a larger group, some people will not like it, because it is just not what they like, or because they do not like others to be successful. But I know as well that some other people will like it and feel inspired by it. 

So why put on limits on ourselves and worry about the negative thinkers? Let us share our own inspiring stories everywhere. There will be people who do not like things, everywhere. But many others will be inspired. So let us help make a positive difference right now and share your own inspiring story in the comments section of this post, share it in any of your other social media accounts. Stop worry about "they", what will they think? If you like it, the chances are huge that many others will like it too and feel inspired. 

Go on and act ☺😎

Friday, 1 June 2018

Superb attitude!

The day before yesterday, I took a 'grab' car and the experience has been truly unique. The man who drove, was a body guard for a rich business man in Malaysia for a very long time. The boss, he protected had been really nice to him and had paid him very well. The driver mentioned that this driving he was doing for "grab", was just for charity. Everyday before or after work he would take a few rides and all money collected would go straight to his favorite charity, which was an orphanage in Kuala Lumpur. Every week he would visit the orphanage and his boss would double up on all money he had earned driving. If he earned RM 600 in a week driving, he would bring RM 1200 to the orphanage (an extra 600 from his boss). 

This story truly touched my heart.
There are so many good people in this world with a wonderful loving heart.
The story of this man really inspired me, and I hope it gives some inspiration to you too...

Tuesday, 29 May 2018


The story of judgment is not a happy one.
We tend to pick up our judgments from so many potential places.
From a preacher, from politicians, the news, from a pseudo-scientific website,
and the list goes on and on.
The problem is that once we made a harsh judgment, it tends to stick.
It tends to paralyze our flexibility, our thinking out of the box,
our empathy, our capacity for respect and understanding

Once a believer accepts the preacher's judgment that those who are not following this or that ritual, are doomed to hell, it becomes very difficult to even consider a standpoint of someone thinking differently and even give it a try to generate some respect for it or trying to understand it. 
Once an atheist judges the believers as stupid, addicted to illusions, it becomes very difficult to even consider the other person's belief might be of value or even give it a try to generate some respect for it or trying to understand it. 
Once a conservative starts the name calling of liberals and creates harsh judgment on them (indulging politicians rants) it becomes almost impossible to to consider the other's viewpoint as having some value or even trying to generate some respect or understanding.
The same for liberals versus conservatives, or any other polarizing concepts in this world. 

It is so extremely important not to allow persons of authority to spoil our minds, not to allow anyone to put the toxic venom of hatred in our thoughts. These things are often done by persons in power or authority in mean attempts to cling to their power. We have to guard the doors of our mind with utmost vigilance. Please my friends do not allow harsh judgments to enter your mind. If they are there already, do try to trace their origin. Once we recognize the origin, it becomes often possible to make them milder and to generate some respect.

I often dream of a world filled with harmony.
Please dream with me
We can make it happen.

The world, one nation

If you follow the news about the USA and see the time spent on extremely trivial and stupid issues as the quarrel between Trump and the NFL players for not standing up during the national anthem, one cannot but reflect that nationalism/patriotism is slowly assuming religious extremist proportions in the USA!

Humanity is the race, the only one race.
The world is our nation, the only one nation.
If we need a flag at all, we need a world flag.
If we need an anthem at all, it would be a world anthem!
Let us design these things together.

Let us give up ignorance. Ignorance of our true nature through politics of division is fed to us since childhood to keep the powerful powerful. Our true nature gives us tremendous peace of mind and true happiness, only if we manage to sincerely love each other. Politicians all over the world do not want a loving world. They have been increasing ignorance by needless fear mongering leading to unnecessary wars. Then they want us to be proud of these wars (blind patriotism/nationalism) so when it pleases them, they can have another one.

Let us start to refuse this indoctrination of fear, this wilful maintaining of ignorance, of stupidity by greedy leaders and politicians. Let us become a bit wiser and work towards a world filled with love. The evolution of humans towards a higher level of wisdom is unstoppable. Soon a critical number of people, who refuse to even pay a dime of attention to this ridiculousness, who refuse to be taught, or even influenced by the stupid and the greedy; a critical number of people who are wise enough to rule the world as a nation of love will be achieved. And the space that stupidity is now still getting in media and all over the world, will shrink so rapidly, that an avalanche of kindness will make anyone, clinging to racism, nationalism, extremism of any kind, ashamed of themselves. since almost all will see the stupidity these things carry.

Please my friends, let us make a small competition on designing the nicest world flag/anthem. Put your designs in the comment section or better still if any of you, reading this can make a blog or website with a more formal competition to design a WORLD FLAG or world anthem, that would be great.

Monday, 21 May 2018


Here I want to share with you my recent experience sitting outside.

I was sitting outside in my garden and suddenly managed to appreciate how beautiful one of the trees was. It was a tree, I had walked by countless times but had never really noticed its particular beauty. And now I just sat there, not far from that particular tree, truly admiring the beauty of the texture of its bark. I could see the roots disappear in the depth of the soil and above form the crown with all the shades of green it displayed. I loved it, I had like a few moments of joy.

A little bit more reflection made me look at other trees too and surely they had so much beauty too. I had so many trees in and outside my garden, in my village! And all had their own special beauty. Let us all make some time today to pick a tree, take a closer look at it, discover its amazing beauty and just sit not far from it and have a few truly enjoyable moments.

Some people hug trees, talk to trees. This is not very much in my character to do. But I will surely try to make a bit more time to just watch some trees and perhaps in the weekend I will try to plant some new ones for the next generation :)

Five to one

Everyday I make the intention to spend my time after dinner doing some useful things like reading a book or at least one or two chapters of a book; like looking at a TED talk that can help me understand something or help me forward in life.

But so many of the evenings after my dinner, I start either on google news, looking at all the negativity of the day; either on Youtube, watching how some would-be comedians make fun of the politicians or celebrities or some failed talent show auditions; either spending time on Facebook or Twitter or even on Google finance, looking for a much too long a time how some of the very few stocks, I own, are doing and never seem to make me rich.

Today however I managed to pick a TED talk and I think I was lucky enough to encounter a good one. It was Mel Robbins talking for about 20 minutes. I think the 20 minutes is what makes TED talks so interesting. The speakers are forced to bring their message in a concise and interesting way. Mel Robbins did so. She managed to convince the audience and me that the odds of being born are very small. Come to think about it if just one of your millions of ancestors had died in a war or from a disease before the next of your extremely long row of ancestors was conceived, you would have not been here. The odds of being born as me or you, as you, are smaller than 1 in 400 trillion. So the fact of being born makes us already something very special.

And sure enough, each of us have so many special ideas, we know what we should do. But to make our ideas happen is the real difficult part. We have to FORCE ourselves to do things that we feel not so comfortable with. We plan to do things that we really want to do inside of us, like getting up early the next day or losing some weight but if comes to the time of doing, we find some excuses to remain in bed or start our exercise or diet tomorrow or the day after. She advocated if we plan to do something, if the time comes to get out of our comfort zone, just to count from 5 backwards to 1 and start doing it on the count of 1. How many times I intended to talk to the passenger next to me on the plain or train but always find just enough excuses not to start a conversation. The few times I did, were almost always so rewarding, but so many other times, I just found some cheap excuses not to have to come out of my comfort zone to start talking to a stranger.

Forcing ourselves within 5 seconds to actually do the kind of difficult things that can help us what we really want in life, may make a big difference.

Let us try and it. Tomorrow after dinner, I will avoid the news, twitter or any other distraction. I will read a chapter in one of the books I wanted to read for a long time but have just been on my shelf, I will look at another TED talk and I will do some exercise before going to bed.Wow, I hope I succeed. What do you plan. Let us really try the count from 5 to 1 to get us to come out of our comfort zone and do things that matter to our life to our growth.

Seeds for the mind?

I am not a Trump supporter. 
I feel he has a lack of understanding of basic principles of life like honesty, humility, loving-kindness and respect. These are just a few of the many strong principles that, as laws of nature, tend to determine whether or not we lead a peaceful and happy life. Even though he may experience short lived pleasures, seeing his name on many buildings; true happiness and peace of mind are most likely not his share. 

Now this is not a posting meant to criticize anyone. But negative people like him, even if we do not support any of their thoughts or convictions, tend still to influence us in a huge way. While by now perhaps a majority of the American people and almost certainly a huge majority of non-Americans have seen enough to have developed a certain dislike for the man, we tend to be inundated by his ideas and his ways. 

He likes to tweet and has more than a million followers on twitter. But how about the billions of people who do not even want to think about following him and reading all his rantings, his self-praise and his illusions of grandiosity. We are almost pressed with our noses in this rotten material. We look at the news and what we see, even on the media that do think like us? "Today another tweet storm of Trump". And something inside of us, wants to see the negativity about the person we do not like.

But in this way give so much power to these negative persons, and unwittingly, we allow so much of negativity, so much of anger and hatred, so much of nonsense to enter our mind. 

Robin Sharma has written the bestseller, the monk who sold his ferrari, and in this book he compared the mind of humans to a garden. The more seeds of nonsense and anger we plant the more of the same will grow in this fertile garden. The more seeds of love and kindness and honesty and values we plant, the more of these things will govern our thinking process and thus our lives. 

I think this metaphor of the mind as a garden is a real good one. It is high time, I think that we try to stop reading all the headlines about the persons we cannot align ourselves with. This does not mean we close our mind. But once we know enough about negative persons, we do not want to give them the power to pollute our thoughts, our mind our inner world with all their negativity. 

Let us spend each day a bit less time on "the news" and a bit more time on the positive literature of olden times and of today. Investing an hour a day in positive thinking, in prayerful reflection, in nature, is so much more contributing to our personal growth than spending a lot of time following all the negative news of the world. 

Even if up to now, I have fallen in the trap of eagerly reading all negative reporting about people like Trump, I have decided for myself from now to stop feeding my mind, what persons like that think and write and reserve for my mind the food educational events, positive thinkers, charitable wisdom, and also fun events like listening to some great music.

Thursday, 17 May 2018

A small calculation

Hey, hey people of every nation,
please read this small but real calculation.
If you do two random kind acts every day

That would be more than 700 in a year, OKay? 

Now nobody, really nobody is immune to kind acts

but lets take, only ten percent would have any effects

Hey, hey women and men of every nation

please read this small but real calculation

That would mean every year 70 would be inspired 
by 1 person, living kindness, without getting tired

That means that just 1/70 or less than 1.5 percent

needs to believe, to touch the whole world by year end

Hey, hey people of every nation

please read this small but real calculation

Let's hurry to be part of this 1.5% choosing to be kind

Please people listen to your soul, your heart and mind

Join quickly the revolution of kindness and bliss

You will never regret, reading and acting on this

Hey, hey readers of every nation

please read this small but real calculation 

Saturday, 5 May 2018


Our scientists spend so much time and money staring into the cosmos and come up so often with amazing ‘discoveries’. I am putting discoveries between inverted commas because the reliability of their interpretations is at least a bit and most likely very doubtful.

If even within our own atmosphere our eyes are so often deluded by phenomena like rainbows, like a horizon where skies are meeting the sea, like the road looking wet at a distance on a hot day. We see northern lights, we have literally thousands of optical illusions that can make us perceive things as moving when they are not, look out of size and shape and unrealistically bright. Within our own solar system we were until very recently not sure about Pluto: was it a planet or not?

Surely what we see in the skies, is amazing and with telescopes we can see an enormous amount of lights and things. But how many of these so called discoveries require far going interpretations. Claims of billions of earth like planets prop up like weeds in a garden and we are not even sure how many planets there are around our very own sun.

And so much money is spent on ‘discovering’ all these things while within our own world we have not found the cure of cancer or Alzheimer’s, we have not even discovered how to be happy, we have not done away with the huge hunger and poverty in our world, we have not even found simple ways to live together in peace and harmony.

I think humanity will be served if we start to spend our money to take properly care of ourselves and all our fellow humans in a great and compassionate way. Let us get finally some of our priorities right!

Scientists want us to believe in the big bang but many become irritated with people believing in God
Scientists want us to believe particles are at different places at the same time but many become irritated with people believing in God
Scientists ...  the list may become inexhaustibly long. 

Being a doctor myself, I surely appreciate science a lot. There are amazing discoveries, we do understand; there are those we don't understand; and those about which we make theories that sometimes do not make sense; all of these only strengthen my belief in the existence of a creative Power, we call God, rather then weaken it. 

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Changing the world!

It is almost time to close my eyes, but before goig to sleep, I want to make it a bit quiet within. I remember the song about love: 🎸Let us love, love, love! Everybody, love, even when it is hard to love,🎹 our loving will change the world. Our sharing will change the world.

Seems like some inner ramblings of my soul,
but it was something from you-tube,
I heard it perhaps more than a year ago,
but my memory had stored it in a safe place
for this giant truth to come back to me tonight:

Love, love, love
even if it is hard to love,
our loving will change the world

Share, share, share
even if it is hard to share,
our sharing will change the world

Let us all make it quiet for awhile
and let our soul sing these wonderful verses.
We will change the world !

Tuesday, 1 May 2018


In You-tube there are many videos of conversations between atheists and believers.

It is astonishing how the believers, no matter how strong their belief is, are so often on the losing end of the discussion. Believing myself, in the reality of the existence of God as a phenomenal creative Power guiding the universe and our world away from chaos, I thought for a while why believers are often so poor in defending their belief.

Atheists claim to be men and women of logic, who are not accepting things that make no sense. And yet they have been forced by recent scientific developments, to believe that particles can change in waves and depending on whether they are observed or not will behave as particles or as waves, that particles can be at several places simultaneously and that they can move through any kind of obstacles without a problem (like a ball going through a window without breaking a window). These are things just resulting from studies regarding the material world. (quantum physics).

If all these things can happen to an electron in a piece of metal, is it any longer logical to claim that living beings are just following some simple laws they have discovered in nature. Consciousness; life and cells; the power of free will and mind; these are all functioning in a huge and much more complex way than the extremely small electrons, quarks and bosons that are still very incompletely understood. How many electrons can we  expect in a cell? How many cells in a body? How many interactions between all small and big building blocks of one human? Even if they BELIEVE that billions of galaxies and trillions of planets exist and think these things are the results of chance happenings, this makes much less sense that to believe in a constructive and creative Force.

Organized religion has indeed been abused throughout the ages for personal gains and power of those in control, resulting in lots of absurdities in terms of superstition and practices. The success of the atheists in videos lies in their attacks on these absurdities. However they are not successful in denying the existence of much more than our senses can perceive, they or not successful in denying the existence of a God.

In the comments of one of the videos, I wrote about the perception of love. Most people have felt love, without being able see or hear love. We can see and hear expressions of love but never love itself. Love is something we feel inside and because of that we know love is real; love does exist.
It is not hard to imagine that someone who never felt love would doubt whether love truly exists.

Now without saying that love is God or God is Love (even though the two have a lot to do with each other), there are millions of people who do perceive the presence of God, no matter what name we give to God. By making it truly silent inside and performing a prayerful reflection, we do experience a peace, a love, a wisdom and beauty that just flows in our soul. In order to experience this we have to have an open mind, and be able to make it quiet and then the spiritual dimension of humanity starts to make sense. We have to tune in, like we tune into a radio-station. Only if we are tuned in to the right frequency it makes sense, if not it is only noise. If someone never found the right frequency on his old radio that made only noise and noise, it would be easy to believe for such a person that radios are useless and those believing in radio-stations make no sense.

One response came from a hardened atheist, I suppose: he said that he had dreamed about a unicorn and therefore if my logic was true, he could claim a unicorn was existing. I replied that if his unicorn did not bring with it a huge peace of mind, love, beauty and wisdom, that his unicorn imagery is just a bad dream. Spiritual experiences do bring these qualities along and are valuable to those of us who have kept our belief in God, our faith in this 'spiritual' creative Power, even though we may have thrown overboard the absurdities of superstition and excessive rituals that were indoctrinated by many of the people in power of organized religion.

I pity, to a certain extent, the people with a closed mind. They may dream of unicorns.They lock themselves out of extremely valuable experiences, that do increase peace of mind, love, beauty and wisdom. And yes studies have shown that spiritual persons tend to live healthier and longer...

Friday, 27 April 2018


Quote: Soon humanity will give up greed and choose Love 
(Hans VRo)

When I manage to make it silent,
a strong belief enters my heart
that soon everyone will know
who and what we really are.

A strong conviction of my soul:
all will understand life and mind.
Cheap pleasure will just be cheap;
values will be just valuable.

A strong faith in humankind:
Honesty, truth, love, friendship,
kindness, tenderness, sweetness,
Compassion sympathy, cordiality.

When I manage to make it silent,
I get absolute certainty
that the world soon make this turn,
that ugliness and greed will crumble 

I wrote this as a poem on 21 June 2016.
I just read it and today it is still my silent strong conviction 
that SOON we will all manage to be wise enough
to live a life filled with love, honesty, truth, friendship,
kindness, tenderness, sweetness, compassion,
sympathy and cordiality. Let us all work together for it 
and perhaps write something similar on your social media. 
If we reach a critical number, it will go truly exponential! 

Note: this blog is not copyrighted. You can freely use the quote or share the essay. If you do so, please include author at the end (Hans VRo)

Sunday, 22 April 2018

Fairy tales

Quote: Kings and queens of the past were mere slaves of their egos, making them among the most miserable of humans. Let's set a different example for the youth of tomorrow.
(Hans VRo)

Fairy tales have made us believe as children that kings and queens and princes and princesses were living a happy life ever after, after they had conquered some evil forces within their immediate circles. What we believe as children is not always easy to give up, and the longer we believe something the more difficult it may become to change our opinion about it.

I just came back from a trip to Europe and spent some time in the wonderfully beautiful area of the Loire Valley. It has a huge number of castles and each castle has its own story. The more one reads about what is known about the life of royals and the aristocracy in the old ages, the more one gets convinced that aristocrats were really bad people filled with jealousy, intrigue, lust, lies, deception, vice and the like.

None of these (jealousy,...) is compatible with peace of mind and true happiness. So even if they lived in the biggest castles with the most enchanting views on woods and rivers, most likely they were among the most unhappy people, filled with stress, fears and worries.

As we know, the values of humility, truthfulness, honesty, helpfulness, love and kindness are key to true happiness. That is why perhaps every now and then we know about members of the then-aristocrats ran away from it as teenagers or in their early twenties, choosing willingly for a simple life, living the true values. Just remember how Buddha, Saint Francis and many others were born in great wealth but renounced it completely to live lives of simplicity and contemplation.

Today we do not have to go and live in poverty to flee from the complex life of the rich. We can maintain a comfortable life with a decent amount of wealth, and still choose consciously to live the values of honesty, kindness, love, humility, and so on.

Deep  inside I believe that a kindness revolution is just around the corner. Let us start it today.
Note: this blog is not copyrighted. You can freely use the quote or share the essay. If you do so, please include author at the end (Hans VRo)