Friday, 23 March 2018

The story of Mr. robot!

Imagine you create a robot. 
It is so important that the battery gets charged on and off.
So you program Mr. robot to feel low if the battery is low
and to experience some pleasure when the battery is charged.

The purpose of Mr. robot is that he helps people 
and that he is always friendly and good. 
So you program the robot to feel very good when he does that.
He feels great satisfaction and a superb peace and happiness
if he helps, is friendly and good.

Then you start up the robot and you have big expectations.
The robot is starting his 'life' and to your big frustration,
he is spending almost all of his time 'running' after the small pleasures
you had installed when he did the things necessary for maintenance.
He completely ignores his main purpose and 
remains most of the time ignorant of the huge benefits for him
you had installed when he would be helping people. 

Stupid Robot!

Weren't we humans created in a similar way?
Our small short lasting ego-pleasures to help us sustain ourselves and our species!
Our great satisfaction, peace of mind and true happiness depending on our altruism!
But perhaps everyone on Wall Street and so many of us with them, remain focused on, and believe that happiness is to be found in, the transient ego-pleasures that were meant to help us merely survive. It is high time that we become fully aware and act continuously on the firm knowledge that a much bigger  happiness and peace of mind is lying in a life of purpose, a life of altruism, goodness and kindness.
Happiness, fulfillment, peace, love and kindness are waiting for us.
Let us choose a life of purpose and finally see the small pleasures for what they truly are!   

Small quote:
When we chase happiness (through chasing pleasures) it tends to flee and fly away
When we choose a life of purpose, happiness tends to come and sit on our shoulder


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