Friday, 9 March 2018

Knowledge and action

Being and doing good, starts with knowledge.
But knowledge alone is not enough.
We need strength, motivation, inspiration as well.

1. Knowledge
The worst thing for many of our friends is ignorance. 
Many of us are blinded by the completely wrong belief
that more material wealth will bring us more happiness. 
True knowledge of our own happiness consist in knowing
that when we care, when we are randomly kind, 
when we give selfless service, selfless bits of our time
selfless bits of our possessions; only then we get closer
to true happiness, peace of mind, harmony,... 

Gaining a new possession, surely makes us happy.
But it is a happiness, more like elation, enjoyment, delight.
It lasts for awhile and then we get used to the new possession,
and we want more. Get a new car! We are elated. 
But how long does the elation last? Not long after, 
we want something bigger, something faster, something better

Performing some selfless service, helping a poor soul,
giving some time to a person in need, a simple smile,
a friendly word, a pat on the back, a small inspiration.
These things give us happiness too, 
but it is a very different kind of happiness. 
Here we talk about bliss, contentment, joy.
It tends to stick, to stay. When years later, we think about it,
it still gives that warm feeling of being good, doing good. 

If we manage to know and convince ourselves about the above,
we have gained a piece of superb knowledge.
We give up our ignorance and gain from it tremendously.

2. Action 
However this knowledge alone may be not enough 
to make us do good all the time.
Too often we know what we should do,

but our big ego nudges us to different things. 
That is why sometimes, we share this extremely valuable knowledge,
but then so often we are caught not practicing what we 'preach'.
That is quite normal and does not mean the knowledge is not valuable.

To act on our knowledge we need reminders, motivation, inspiration
we need to read, to listen to talks, to see videos, to talk to each other,
to keep our motivation, our level of inspiration high. 
We can build up our goodness, our reverence, our altruism by practice
Just like regular training can build up our muscles and physical strenght
we can build up our capacity to do good through practice.
The more we practice, altruism, goodness, reverence, the stronger 
we become mentally, spiritually and 
the easier it becomes to put our ego a bit aside. 

The sad thing is that is a kind of taboo to talk about our charity.
People easily label us as doing charity just to boast about it later.
This is a pitiful thing, because it deprives so many people from inspiration.

If we do not have to be shy to talk about our good deeds,
if we would easily share the things that truly give us peace of mind,
we can go on and inspire so many other people.
The world is truly getting better. We can speed up the process

1. by sharing our knowledge (even if we do not manage to live up to it all of the time)
2. by sharing our inspiring stories of helpfulness, of random kindness and altruism

Let us all participate in this process. 
The time of the idea of universal love and kindness has come
It is unstoppable now. 
Let us all be active participants!


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