Sunday, 18 March 2018


Tonight I was peeping silently in my heart.
You know what I found?
I found peace sitting there
I found an awful lot of kindness planted there
I find so much love, ready to be given away.

Then I was confronting my mind: 
Hey, mind, if there is so much peace, kindness and love in my heart,
why do you not make full use of it and let me enjoy it all, every day?

I got to understand that it was not my mind that was to blame. 
Mind was just obeying my own choices I made day by day.
It was thinking the thoughts I was wanting it to think.

But I wanted to choose peace, kindness and love all the time.
I was praying for it and searching for it!

Why did I choose the thoughts that brought so often the opposite?

Reason chipped in with a thought:
Perhaps, you are looking for peace, love and kindness in the wrong place
You seem to keep looking for it and expect it from the outside all the time 
Now you have seen where it really sits, it is perhaps time to start looking from within.

I hope you enjoyed the small conversation above with my inner self.
Aren't we all wanting peace and love and kindness very much?
Let us look for these happiness bringers from within.
In a spirit of gratefulness and forgiving, we look within
and we will find all these things not only to be ours,
but to be so abundantly ours that we want to give them away
that we want to share them with everyone we meet.
And these people, we share it with, will share so much back.
Give it a thought, search within and live love,
live peace, live a life filled with kindness!

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