Saturday, 31 March 2018


If our rituals, if our religion is a source of any disharmony between us and other people, let us be aware that we are on the wrong track. Rituals and religion have been abused a lot in our human history. While religion is meant to show us the path to our Creator, so many scholars and religious leaders have abused it to gain and maintain a position of power over others. In order to remain relevant they ask people NOT to think for themselves. The scholars assume an attitude that gives the impression that they are the only ones who can interpret all sacred scriptures and tell us what to do. 

If any religious talk or sermon is making you feel anger, hatred or superiority towards or over any other human, you may have been the subject of a manipulative effort from a religious leader. True religious leaders will guide their followers towards harmony. Harmony with our family, harmony with our neighbors, harmony with our friends, harmony with our colleagues and yes, harmony with whom we call our enemies. Nobody is as strong as the one who can create harmony with his enemies. Prophets of every religion have not only conveyed the message but lived it in numerous stories of sublime levels of love and forgiveness. 

Creating harmony with our enemies is not meaning we allow ourselves to become victims. It is not easy. Let us start with the easiest one. Create harmony within our family. This is perhaps the least difficult one, but how many of us truly succeed in this on a daily basis? Let us make it silent in our heart today for a short while and think about ten ways to increase harmony in our family. If ten is too much, at least 3. We have to discover the beauty of harmony ourselves in order to fully understand that living in a way that our Creator wants us to live, is a way of harmony. If we achieve harmony most of the time for our family, let us expand bit by bit, to neighbors, to work environment, and in the end, we will find it logical that harmony with our 'enemies' is just as desirable. 

Harmony, first with our family, then let us go on and on....

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