Sunday, 25 March 2018

Tuning in

Radios have been gradually replaced by the internet and our I-gadgets. I still think most of us have radios, at least in our car. I love the radio. Just tuning in into my favorite station, and listen to the songs, that are not chosen by me but by my favorite DJs. Many of the songs that I know and like, but on and off the unexpected melodies; a pure delight.

This small reflection is not really about radios. This afternoon I had a small discussion with my really good friend from Scotland.We like to discuss many topics from the light and superficial to the heavy and deep.We touched the topic of the existence of God. Even though there is no proof, no tangible proof that God exist, equally so, is there no tangible proof that love exists!

Only when we experience love, we know for certain that love exists. We cannot see it, hear it, touch it, smell it or taste it, but we can feel it with our heart, we can feel it with our soul. We can experience also God, the love of our God, that is. All we have to do is to make it quiet, and tune in. If we just open our radio and do not try to tune in, to find the right frequency, the right wavelength, we only hear noise, nonsensical noise, noise that makes no sense. If we try to connect to God with utmost skepticism and disbelief, we will experience only noise and try to enforce our fixed narrow beliefs about spirituality. If we manage to explore the frequencies and wavelengths of gratefulness and forgiving, of silence, of prayerful reflection, we will tune in and suddenly it starts to make sense...

Love is surrounding us, peace is surrounding us. 
Let us find the right frequency and tune in . Even if you cannot make yourself to believe that God truly exists, the universe and the air around us is filled with love, peace, kindness and wisdom. Let us explore the right wavelengths, open our hearts and our mind and feel it.

Before I wrote this small piece, I remembered that I wrote about tuning in before. I just clicked on the search tool in the left upper corner of this page and typed tune in. I enjoyed my old reflections about this, especially the one about equinox and I hope you enjoy them too.

I wish you lots of love, peace and wisdom and happy tuning in :)

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