Friday, 29 December 2017

Monsoon Winds

Strong winds of the monsoon season have started today.
Not much rain, episodes of bright skies with some sun.
The big waves of the South China Sea enjoyed the weather.
Their colors were amazing, their sound still thunderous.

The morning fresh air brought small pieces of soft sunlight
to the deepest areas of my chest, illuminating my heart;
red blood cells, laden with crisp oxygen dancing;
the joy of a lovely beautiful  morning was moving my soul.

Actually beauty tends to be never far away.
Beauty was the painter of our nature.

Note: let us do everything possible to preserve the beauty of the  earth for our future generations
 ( earth song )

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Sweet and lovely

I wanted to write something sweet and lovely
And thought about chocolate first.
Sweet and lovely! 😃
But I do not want to write about chocolate.
I love it but I wanted to write something a bit deeper.

About the good that is sitting in the core of our being.
There is something good sitting there.
Can you feel it? Do you agree?
Every human being has something good inside.

But there is something more.
That something good, is not just sitting there.It is moving around

and, no matter how small or how big already, it is eager to expand.
It has the huge potential to expand exponentially with time
And grow into something really big and wonderful.

All we need to do is give it some attention
Give it some space and tune a bit into it
And allow it to grow, bit by bit, at first
And then, the more we enjoy the growth of the good inside,
We can let it grow exponentially into something
that is not just good, but truly wonderful.

And similarly to that something good that sits in and moves our core,
We all have also a potential for expression of our main ideas and values.
And just like that something good, we can give it more space
More attention and let it grow.

I hope you have enjoyed reading something sweet and lovely.
Let us all tune in to that something, to that potential

Monday, 25 December 2017

Conspiracy ?

I have been encountering quite some conspiracy theories
about a huge variety of things. I have read them and
while some of them make some sense,
others are very clearly to be taken with huge pinch of salt.

Most of these things however are so far out of our control,
that we should not allow these truths or half truths or falsehoods,
to disturb our current life.

I think it is a good thing to have some doubts.
I am not sure about the original version of the stories,
I am not sure about the truth of the conspiracy theories.

Whatever the truth about many of these 'facts' on which people
have created conspiracy theories, the facts seem to be not flattering humanity.

We are aware that there is still a lot abuse of power going on this world.
We are aware that still so many governments are extremely corrupt ALL over the world.
We are aware that justice is far from being served in many, many places.

Let us face that. We do not have to let this wickedness that is still around abundantly,
disturb our peace of mind. What we can do is steadily work towards a better world.
We do not have to change the whole world at once, no one can do that.
We can however make small but significant differences in our own small living world.
We can make small changes in our own workplace, or school or family.
We can choose to perform a random act of kindness today and tomorrow and every other remaining day of the week.
We can choose to smile at the lonely person on the bench in the park or the homeless person on the street.
We can choose to give the best of our service to the people we know, to the people we do not know.
The more people make the choices like above, the faster this world will be cured from the ills causing all conspiracy theories and many more.

Let us start today. The world is getting better. Be a part of the movement!

Saturday, 23 December 2017

Evolution of love

From where comes love?

Loving parents?
Loving spouses?
Loving children?
Loving grandchildren?
Loving friends?
Perhaps most of all from within?

The first love we experience as children is from our parents.
Not all parents are equally good at giving love to their children.
But in the course of time, we somehow needed to love our children.

Human children are born so small and so immature (mainly because of the size of our heads, the scientists will tell us), that we need to give them a nurturing love, not for a few months, not for a year but for many years, in order for them to be able to survive and continue the human existence. So there is definitely a positive selection of children of loving parents over the centuries. Single parents definitely have much harder time getting their children to grow up, so love for a spouse is important as well to let our children grow up to adulthood. Scientists will point happily out that people with a loving heart for a spouse, will have an evolutionary advantage over those without it.

Evolution is definitely a logical explanation for who we are today, but many people in this world still believe in creation. Now whether it is through evolution or through creation, that we came to be what we are now, it does not matter too much for the current society. Whatever the basis of our current human nature, it is important to understand what it means to be human and the role love is playing for each of us.

While survival skills of the individual (highly connected to greed) have played a huge role in the distant past, over the past century, the survival of our human species has been increasingly based on love.

 I think we are soon reaching a critical point where greed has to succumb to love and kindness. If we do reach this turning point, and we let greed grow in an uncontrolled way, we may ensure our own destruction and the destruction of most of our wonderful planet. But that cannot be within the plan. How irrational and wasteful would an evolution to a stage we have reached with a large majority of us humans being loving and kind, to let it be destroyed by the greed of a few?

While I respect everyone else's opinion, I believe that this is part of the plan of a Loving God. Over the thousands of years our God is creating a society where love will reign. Human nature is now as such, that the more loving things we do, the better we feel about it. Doing random acts of kindness gives us a such a boost in terms of peace of mind and happiness. As time moves on, more and more of us become aware of this (that kindness is the major and perhaps the only source of TRUE happiness) and that is how kindness will soon snowball into a huge avalanche conquering the greedy world. Love comes from within. If we look deep within, we can find it in our loving heart (scientist will point out it truly comes from the brain, but as a feeling it has such a pivotal and central role to anyone of us that we experience love as coming from our very core, we refer to as the heart).

In the past and up to now, kind and loving people tend to be wiser and less loud than the greedy ones. The loud and greedy people have been able to rise to stupendous levels of power as kings and emperors and sultans. Their wickedness caused so much fear that people were submitting to them. The power of the masses has either kicked them out or made them close to  powerless (few exceptions exist). Now we see greedy politicians playing a similar game trying to keep up appearances, but globalization is cutting quickly away all their masks. Their hypocrisy and abominable lies are  exposed. Just as the Tsars and emperors were kicked out, politics will be cleaned up by the people. What we see today in big nations like Canada and France and Germany is giving some hope .

Let us work on it from today by spreading loving messages.
Let kindness become louder than greed!

Thursday, 14 December 2017

Clouds in the desert

When we see the world
it seems we live in a desert
of loneliness, of greed

But above the sand in our  desert,
hang some beautiful clouds

Soon the clouds will rain out
with droplets of help and kindness
drops of generosity and peace

Blades of grass will grow on the sand
first a few, but it will keep raining
the magic drops will give us more grass

Soon the sand will be covered by a carpet
a carpet of grass from which flowers spout
flowers of love and happiness

the desert, turned into a magnificent garden
for everyone, in the whole world to enjoy.
and the hot sand of greed gone for ever

Let us generate each at least a droplet a day 😉

Wednesday, 13 December 2017


As a pediatrician, I have been teaching my students to praise children, they want to examine.
It is a really effective thing to do, provided it comes really from our heart.

You would think this simple tip is so easy to follow,
that all students would do it without problem.

Not so. It is not easy to praise children.
Why not?

We do not have the habit of looking for the good in people
If we manage to see some lovely or good things,
we do not have the habit to express these observations in simple compliments.
We feel awkward praising others, even they are children.

And yet children love praise.
If we just tell them how beautiful their shirt is
or how good they are at meeting with the doctor,
they feel good. Even at 1 year of age.
And you know who feels good too?
Of course the mother. The mother tends to transfer her feelings to her child
If the mother feels positive, the child will likely feel positive too.

I think we can learn a lot from dealing with children.
Not only children like praise. Adults crave for it.
Not flattery.Praise!

Flattery is calculative, comes from the mind,
Praise is sincere, comes from the heart.

Let us all try to see the good in others.
Each person has some good inside.
If we notice something good, share it at once.
A small compliment coming from the heart.
A little sincere praise.
It can make a huge difference to anyone.

Saturday, 9 December 2017

One world

"You may say I am a dreamer,
but I am not the only one
I hope some day, you will join us
and the world will live as one"

Do you remember these beautiful lyrics

"Imagine all the people sharing all the world"

Let us all join that dream.
I know that your neighbors may be still angry people,
perhaps envious of you or over-greedy.

The world is extremely far from the "dream"
The idea of unity and universal sharing has been around for >3000 years.
I guess we had to achieve a certain level of technology to provide enough,
enough for the whole world population.

I think now is the time,
that we do have enough if we do away with greed
I think now is the time,
the idea of sharing among everyone is taking roots
I think now is the time,
the tree of kindness is ready to shoot out of the ground
and grow into a huge forest in which the world can get lost
I think now is the time,
the solidarity among people is ready to blossom.
I think now is the time,
that the ugly face of greed is showing
its disgusting face in so many governments
I think now is the time for wisdom
to gain track
I think now is the time.

All we need is enough people to join the dream!

Friday, 8 December 2017


Harmony has been on my mind this morning.
Actually it is on my mind quite often.
Really, I think that harmony in this world is possible
Many people may doubt it is to happen very soon but
On mornings like today, I get really convinced that
Nothing can stand in the way of the ever increasing harmony.
Yes, harmony is a thought whose time has come

We will soon see that love will reign
In our house, in our village in our state
Love will reign in the whole wide world
Love will win over greed and crime and fights

Soon we will see harmony in our world, everywhere, all the time.
On every corner of the street we will see smiles and lovely faces
On every field, in every house we will meet friendliness and kindness
Nastiness and quarrels and ill will will be a thing of the past

Believe that this may happen. The more people believe, the sooner it will happen
Every person on earth has the right to harmony and we can make it happen.

Harmony is in my dream, harmony is in my mind, in my heart.
Every soul on earth has this silent longing to live a harmonious life
Right now is the time, today is the time, let us no longer wait
Everyone can make a small contribution today toward lots of harmony in the world

Friday, 1 December 2017

Bliss & ego

Friday morning, part of the weekend in the state of Kelantan, where I live.
I am on call today and this morning I drove to the hospital.
I was in a quiet mood and asked our God for bliss and peace of mind.
I tried to open up my heart  for the quietness around me and drove slowly.
The traffic light in front of me turned red.
I realized that bliss was more something we open up to,
than something we get from far away.

My car was the only car standing in front of the red traffic light,
when a few moments later, a car came from behind at high speed.
The car drove next to mine and stopped a meter in front of me.
He was almost standing on the crossroad.
When it turned green, I thought I have to be in front of him.
My engine was a bit bigger then his and sure enough i managed to
speed off in front of him.
I was going faster than usual in this monsoon season.
When I suddenly hit a puddle of water my car moved sideways a few cm.
Luckily I managed to keep the car on the road.
I suddenly was aware that my big ego had taken over.
A small challenge, and bliss had become secondary to my ego.
I had chosen to drive dangerously, just to show off to another guy.

At the very next junction the car behind me chose another road
and I came back to my senses.
The rest of the ride to work, I managed to remain focused on bliss
and peace of mind and let people who were apparently in a hurry go first.

I just want to share the above real story, to illustrate how easily
we tend to give way to our ego to disturb our peace of mind and
make us do dangerous things, we would not normally do.

We are humans. We have an ego, sometimes a big ego
We do also have a soul. Let us try to practice to listen more to our soul
and a bit less to our ego. Our ego will prop up now and then.
But with some exercise we may become better at controlling it.

Good or bad

Our notion of what is good or bad is sometimes flawed.
I think all of us have memories of apparently bad events,
about which we were frustrated, the moment they happened,
but about which we are now very happy that they happened;
because with hindsight, we can see the huge benefits they brought in our life.

There may be also events that have appeared initially as very good,
but afterwards it turned out that there were no blessings in those events.

Now there are events that seem so extremely bad that our human mind
cannot possible conceive that they may be anything else than bad.
For example a tsunami costing hundreds of thousands of lives.
No one likes a tsunami. No one can see a good thing in it.
Perhaps three hundred years from now, people may understand why it had to happen,
but for now we see it all as a huge mishap.

Scientists who have a certain arrogance, see this as a proof that a good and almighty God
cannot exist. Before agreeing with their arrogance, let us take a moment to be a bit humble,
accept we do not understand everything and imagine what it would be like to live in a perfect world.
About three years ago, I wrote about a a perfect world versus the gift of creativity. Please click on the link to read that small reflection on what it would be like if our Almighty would have created a perfect world.

Somehow I am grateful to our God that the world is not perfect in the way we perceive perfection.

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Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Time wasted

Since the beginning of this year I have been spending an excess of time on reading about and looking at satirical videos about Donald Trump. It has not contributed to any of my peace of mind, it has not contributed to my knowledge, it has not contributed to my psychological or spiritual growth. It has just given me an occasional laugh but more often it has given me enervation, anger and worry.

If I look at the obvious stupidity, narcissistic nonsense of that president, you feel a certain disgust, you feel a certain danger hanging above your head. Several times I have made the resolution not to look at it any more, but  somehow to see people ridicule the wickedness and bombastic stupidity of the man in power, seems a bit addictive.

Still it is a pure waste of time to follow exactly what this president of the USA is doing and saying and tweeting. I again have the firmest intention to stop reading about him, to stop looking at the satirical videos about him and use that time for my own spiritual and mental growth.

Let us on and off reflect, how much time we have wasted today.
Every minute of wasted time is a minute of wasted life.
Our life has only a limited number of minutes.

Let us reflect and think about how to spend our time in the best possible way
Love and helpfulness will boil up and that will help us lead a life
that is fulfilling and pleasant and peaceful.

If you click on the vertical black bar on the right of this page, you can go to the archive of this blog. on 5.7.16, I wrote something similar. Please enjoy the other great ideas in the archive too. 

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

The story of the refugees

Centuries ago, a boat of refugees reached the shore of India.
The leader of the refugees went to meet the king and asked 
for the permission to stay in his land. 
The king showed to the leader a glass that was full of water.
"You see, the glass is like my land.
Like the glass is filled with water,
my land is already filled with my people"
The leader took a spoon of sugar and put it into the water. 
He waited until the sugar dissolved in the water and said:
"My people will dissolve into the community of your people 
and in the process make it sweeter" 
The king allowed them to stay.

Perhaps today most countries facing an influx of refugees,
get them because the Universe thought they needed a bit
of extra sweetness, a bit of extra spice. 

I read the above story in a book, titled 'the gift of anger'
written by Arun Ghandi, the grandson of Mahatma Ghandi.
I warmly recommend this book as a very good read!

Saturday, 18 November 2017

What a power!

At any time we see only a very small part of the whole world.
We see only our own garden, the book in front of us,
maybe more often the screen in front of us,
the person that does something we like,
the person that does something we don't like.

That is such an extremely small, minuscule part of the world.
And even a much smaller fraction of the universe.

The nice thing about the above thoughts,
is that actually we can choose what to look at, at any time.
We can even choose how to look at it (with an open mind,
with an angry heart, from a distance, as a bystander
as a victim,....).

If we become aware of this power to choose,
our whole life may become a bit different.
We do not need to be just undergoing what is happening,
we can choose to observe it or not,
to be involved in it or not,
to like it or not.

If we do not like it, we can choose to focus on something else.
It sounds, easy. It is initially not easy.
It requires some exercise.
Our mind is actually under our control
We say: my mind, meaning the mind of me
That me, that I who owns the mind
is not the mind. It is the higher self.
If our mind refuses to let go of a negative thought,
we can choose to think about something else and
the mind has to release anyhow.

I was reading about mindfulness from a few sources. 
The above is a kind of what I understood from it.

Friday, 17 November 2017

Poetry and greed

Can poetry help do away with the greed in this world?

Here is a quote from RW Emerson: " The use of symbols has a certain power of emancipation and exhilaration for all men. We seem to be touched by a wand, which makes us dance and run about happily, like children. We are like persons who come out of a cave or cellar into the open air. This is the effect on us of tropes, fables, oracles, and all poetic forms"

Would you not agree with Emerson?
The poet is putting new ideas in often symbolic language.
A touching metaphor can change one's life.
If we manage to have more poets writing truly positive ideas in wonderful verses,
it may be quite likely that poetry may save the world from destruction through ever increasing greed.

I have tried myself to make minuscule contribution to that way of thinking by writing a few uplifting poems, I think.

Please visit the page with the poems  (by clicking on the link).
Pick a few poems and perhaps let yourself be inspired to write a poem that may contribute to a better world yourself. :)

Wednesday, 15 November 2017


Does a white man have to be ashamed of the actions of his ancestors (the aggression of the vikings, the inquisition, the extinction of many American native tribes, the nazi movement, the more recent senseless wars in Vietnam and Iraq, etc.) or does a white man have to be proud of the achievements of his ancestors (Plato, Edison, Pasteur, the wright bothers, mother Teresa. etc.) or is it best for the white man not be ashamed and neither be proud?

Honestly speaking, I am a white man, and I have nothing to do with the nazis, nothing to do with the cruelties. Also I have nothing to do with the achievements of other white people. I am as proud of the achievements of Marten Luther King and Gandhi as my fellow humans as I am proud of the achievements of Lincoln. We are all humans. I am as ashamed of the crimes committed by the Taliban as of the Nazi crimes and the crimes against the current Palestinians.

Let us forget the color of our skin altogether. Let our world be our nation and let the huge variety of belief systems be an enriching experience rather than one leading to violence.

I do not know my ancestors. I am sure some of them were really good people and some of them were crooks. If we just go 20 generations back, there are mathematically (2 to the power of twenty) more than a million ancestors. If only 0.1% of them would be crooks, that would still amount to 1000 of your ancestors.

Let us all learn from all history.
- Let the huge crimes committed by people of any race or creed be a lesson for us, never to be repeated.
- Let the wonderful achievements by people of any race or creed be a source of inspiration to all.

Saturday, 11 November 2017


Tonight I was looking at my right hand. It looked wonderfully alive. I could flex all of my fingers and then each finger individually. A hand that can love, a hand that can give, a hand that can pick up garbage, a hand that can work. I was, for a few moments, so happy to have a hand like that. But then I thought of the hands of my uncle, that were folded on his lap. They were icy cold and by now must be nothing more than dust. I was thinking about the millions and billions of hands that have been and are no more. My hands sooner or later will belong to this category, but while they are still alive, I will use them to give. To give something, to write something, that can help others, that can inspire others. 

Let us all use our hands for the good of the world :)