Wednesday, 13 December 2017


As a pediatrician, I have been teaching my students to praise children, they want to examine.
It is a really effective thing to do, provided it comes really from our heart.

You would think this simple tip is so easy to follow,
that all students would do it without problem.

Not so. It is not easy to praise children.
Why not?

We do not have the habit of looking for the good in people
If we manage to see some lovely or good things,
we do not have the habit to express these observations in simple compliments.
We feel awkward praising others, even they are children.

And yet children love praise.
If we just tell them how beautiful their shirt is
or how good they are at meeting with the doctor,
they feel good. Even at 1 year of age.
And you know who feels good too?
Of course the mother. The mother tends to transfer her feelings to her child
If the mother feels positive, the child will likely feel positive too.

I think we can learn a lot from dealing with children.
Not only children like praise. Adults crave for it.
Not flattery.Praise!

Flattery is calculative, comes from the mind,
Praise is sincere, comes from the heart.

Let us all try to see the good in others.
Each person has some good inside.
If we notice something good, share it at once.
A small compliment coming from the heart.
A little sincere praise.
It can make a huge difference to anyone.

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