Friday, 1 December 2017

Good or bad

Our notion of what is good or bad is sometimes flawed.
I think all of us have memories of apparently bad events,
about which we were frustrated, the moment they happened,
but about which we are now very happy that they happened;
because with hindsight, we can see the huge benefits they brought in our life.

There may be also events that have appeared initially as very good,
but afterwards it turned out that there were no blessings in those events.

Now there are events that seem so extremely bad that our human mind
cannot possible conceive that they may be anything else than bad.
For example a tsunami costing hundreds of thousands of lives.
No one likes a tsunami. No one can see a good thing in it.
Perhaps three hundred years from now, people may understand why it had to happen,
but for now we see it all as a huge mishap.

Scientists who have a certain arrogance, see this as a proof that a good and almighty God
cannot exist. Before agreeing with their arrogance, let us take a moment to be a bit humble,
accept we do not understand everything and imagine what it would be like to live in a perfect world.
About three years ago, I wrote about a a perfect world versus the gift of creativity. Please click on the link to read that small reflection on what it would be like if our Almighty would have created a perfect world.

Somehow I am grateful to our God that the world is not perfect in the way we perceive perfection.

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  1. Interesting.
    Many years ago, i heard abt news on some medical students encountering a "monk" who spread an ideology. They were told that patients are sick due to their own karma / nature's will.

    It was said that it's good for the patients to bear the sufferings, as bearing these unfortunate experience is like clearing up their debts (karma). and it's a blessing because it's a path to eternal peace.

    And doctors who treat patients are considered disturbing nature's will / disallowing patients to "clear up" / "repay" their karma. Therefore it's not a good deed.

    They perform prayers & meditations, hoping that patients (and themselves) focus towards acceptance of those suffering.

    We knew the ideology was too extreme, unfortunately a few of them really gave up medicine and quit from medical schools (somehow it was denied by the school).

    Perhaps thinking too much is not a good idea.
    Lets just focus on the present and on the values which bring us peace of mind, ie love, peace & harmony, regardless of any reason.


    1. Sure the story of the monk is an excellent example of flawed thinking. Sad that medical students were not equiped with enough thinking skills to oppose the monk's outrageous theories.
      While i am quite a proponent of much thinking and philosopical dialogue, I agree very much with your suggestion to focus on values that bring us peace of mind


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