Saturday, 23 December 2017

Evolution of love

From where comes love?

Loving parents?
Loving spouses?
Loving children?
Loving grandchildren?
Loving friends?
Perhaps most of all from within?

The first love we experience as children is from our parents.
Not all parents are equally good at giving love to their children.
But in the course of time, we somehow needed to love our children.

Human children are born so small and so immature (mainly because of the size of our heads, the scientists will tell us), that we need to give them a nurturing love, not for a few months, not for a year but for many years, in order for them to be able to survive and continue the human existence. So there is definitely a positive selection of children of loving parents over the centuries. Single parents definitely have much harder time getting their children to grow up, so love for a spouse is important as well to let our children grow up to adulthood. Scientists will point happily out that people with a loving heart for a spouse, will have an evolutionary advantage over those without it.

Evolution is definitely a logical explanation for who we are today, but many people in this world still believe in creation. Now whether it is through evolution or through creation, that we came to be what we are now, it does not matter too much for the current society. Whatever the basis of our current human nature, it is important to understand what it means to be human and the role love is playing for each of us.

While survival skills of the individual (highly connected to greed) have played a huge role in the distant past, over the past century, the survival of our human species has been increasingly based on love.

 I think we are soon reaching a critical point where greed has to succumb to love and kindness. If we do reach this turning point, and we let greed grow in an uncontrolled way, we may ensure our own destruction and the destruction of most of our wonderful planet. But that cannot be within the plan. How irrational and wasteful would an evolution to a stage we have reached with a large majority of us humans being loving and kind, to let it be destroyed by the greed of a few?

While I respect everyone else's opinion, I believe that this is part of the plan of a Loving God. Over the thousands of years our God is creating a society where love will reign. Human nature is now as such, that the more loving things we do, the better we feel about it. Doing random acts of kindness gives us a such a boost in terms of peace of mind and happiness. As time moves on, more and more of us become aware of this (that kindness is the major and perhaps the only source of TRUE happiness) and that is how kindness will soon snowball into a huge avalanche conquering the greedy world. Love comes from within. If we look deep within, we can find it in our loving heart (scientist will point out it truly comes from the brain, but as a feeling it has such a pivotal and central role to anyone of us that we experience love as coming from our very core, we refer to as the heart).

In the past and up to now, kind and loving people tend to be wiser and less loud than the greedy ones. The loud and greedy people have been able to rise to stupendous levels of power as kings and emperors and sultans. Their wickedness caused so much fear that people were submitting to them. The power of the masses has either kicked them out or made them close to  powerless (few exceptions exist). Now we see greedy politicians playing a similar game trying to keep up appearances, but globalization is cutting quickly away all their masks. Their hypocrisy and abominable lies are  exposed. Just as the Tsars and emperors were kicked out, politics will be cleaned up by the people. What we see today in big nations like Canada and France and Germany is giving some hope .

Let us work on it from today by spreading loving messages.
Let kindness become louder than greed!

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