Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Sweet and lovely

I wanted to write something sweet and lovely
And thought about chocolate first.
Sweet and lovely! 😃
But I do not want to write about chocolate.
I love it but I wanted to write something a bit deeper.

About the good that is sitting in the core of our being.
There is something good sitting there.
Can you feel it? Do you agree?
Every human being has something good inside.

But there is something more.
That something good, is not just sitting there.It is moving around

and, no matter how small or how big already, it is eager to expand.
It has the huge potential to expand exponentially with time
And grow into something really big and wonderful.

All we need to do is give it some attention
Give it some space and tune a bit into it
And allow it to grow, bit by bit, at first
And then, the more we enjoy the growth of the good inside,
We can let it grow exponentially into something
that is not just good, but truly wonderful.

And similarly to that something good that sits in and moves our core,
We all have also a potential for expression of our main ideas and values.
And just like that something good, we can give it more space
More attention and let it grow.

I hope you have enjoyed reading something sweet and lovely.
Let us all tune in to that something, to that potential

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