Sunday, 31 May 2015

If the moon could dream

If the moon could dream,
the moon would dream
that you and me
filled would be

with unconditional love

It has been all along
in the moon its song
of fine white light
the song of the night...

Tuesday, 26 May 2015


(inspired by Prem Rawat)

To be rich is to have something precious 
and to have a lot of it.

Isn't our breath among the most precious things we have
and don't we have a lot of it?

Isn't our time among the most precious things we have
and don't we have a lot of it?

Isn't the sunlight among the most precious things we have
and don't we have a lot of it?

How about eyesight?
How about peaceful sleep?
How about flowers?
How about the colours in the sky?
How about water?

And then, kindness
Weren't we born with a heart full of it?
Don't we get filled with peace if we let our kindness flow?
Perhaps the most precious still, is our kindness,
sitting in our hearts.
The more we let it flow,
The more peace comes in
The more we let it flow,
The more new kindness comes in
The more we let it flow,
The richer we get
Contentment will be ours and is
contentment, peace and kindness not what makes us truly rich? 

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Growing goodness

"The time is coming when all men will see that the gift of God to the soul is not a vaunting, overpowering excluding sanctity, but a sweet natural goodness, like thine and mine, and that so invites thine and mine to be and to grow." <quote of Ralph Waldo Emerson>

The above quote is something that really touches our heart.
It was written more than a hundred years ago and slowly,
slowly it is becoming true as if it had been a prophecy.

Still so many people think that God is somewhere far from here
but more and more people manage to get inspired
to get in-spirit by allowing the ever present huge divine wisdom
to trickle into their mind, their hearts and their souls.

Just the last weekend was a fantastic illustration.
With a group large group of lecturers and students from USM
interactive modules for instilling moral values to junior highschool students
had been prepared over a period of many months, using the best possible evidence
for interactive and effective communication with young people.

Yesterday and the day before has been the moment of truth.
The long prepared modules have been delivered and
they have been delivered successfully.
The young adolescents not only loved the modules but
I am sure they will have learned lessons from them for life.

And the people delivering the modules, devoting their weekend to help others
were among the most blessed and happy I have seen for long.

All of us want to help and we feel that it makes our soul genuinely grow.
This growth of our soul and our own goodness is an inexhaustible source of peace of mind
and true, true happiness.

The time is coming when all humans will be aware of this
And our world will be a wonderful place to live.

Friday, 22 May 2015


An old Chinese tale:

There was a man in China whose son had committed a crime and was very likely to be sent to prison. That was a great shame to the family and the night before the trial the father brought one of the family treasures, a very rare and big gem, to the judge. He told the judge: "This gem belongs to our family since many generations. It is a very rare and precious treasure. I want to give it to you." The old judge responded: "This is indeed a huge treasure. Your most precious treasure. My own most precious treasure it my integrity. So if I accept this gem, both of us will lose our most precious treasure."

What is our own most precious treasure?

Thursday, 21 May 2015


Sometimes you meet
- senior lecturers who behave like my ex-standard four teacher
- doctors who behave like bulldogs
- and I am sure you can make a whole list yourself

At these times such people may make
- your blood boil
- you flush with anger
- and I am sure you can make a whole list yourself

But then it may be good
- to stop and think
- to start pity these people experiencing the natural disaster of twisted personalities
- to take a deep breath
- to consider the beauty of creation

and subsequently
- send them unconditional love...

Friday, 15 May 2015


There is no virtuous deed that does not make the soul happy.
There is no vicious deed that does not make the soul suffer.

The soul is perfectly just.
We can try to quiet the soul
But never for too long

We were made to love ourselves when we help others
We were made to hate ourselves for selfishness.
I want to end here with a small rhyme:

Once we are aware that we find
only in altruism true peace of mind
we will live with total  focus on that
and leave the selfishness for the mad

Saturday, 9 May 2015

A diamond bird

A diamond bird
Flaps its diamond wings
A thousand rainbows
Dance on the white sand
The blue sea dizzy

A diamond bird
Lands on my shoulder
I grab its feet
A look in my eyes
A whisper

A diamond bird
A thousand rainbows
I 'd like to possess
But set it free
And all of nature smiles with me

(Aufie Zophy)

I wrote this poem while thinking about my children.
They are more precious than diamonds,
but somehow we have to set them free.

A story

A story I do not want to forget.
I first want to write how I came to hear the story: on the plane I sat next to a man who recommended me to listen to Prem Rawat. I searched his name on the internet and found a few videos, one of which was only 5 minutes. I listened and this was the wonderful story he told:

Long time ago in China there was an archer who was very talented. 
One day the archer displayed his skills in front of the public.
Most of the ones who were there were standing in awe since time after time the arrows landed exactly where they were supposed to land. One man among the public however kept saying: "it is just practice, it is only practice". The archer who was quite proud of his skills, could hear and was quite irritated by the comments. He went to talk to man and delivered another perfect shot, asking the man: can you do this?The man answered he couldn't but he asked the archer: can you do this? while he was showing his own skill. The man was selling oil and he managed to pour oil from a large container into a bottle with an extremely narrow and long neck, very fast without spoiling a drop. The archer admitted that he could not do that and it was indeed practice that was most important to become good at something. 

Then Prem went on the ask what do we practice on a daily basis. Do we practice complaining or negative thinking. If we do, we will become excellent at it over time. Or do we practice kindness and positive thinking. If we do, we will become excellent at it over time.

Wonderful story, isn't it?😀

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Standing low

The most beautiful appearance
of the moon is early at night
when it stands low in the sky
A big pinkish orangey ball

The most beautiful appearance
Of the sun is at twilight
When it stands low
Just above the horizon

How about us?

Small things.

Sometimes big things tend to hit us.
We tend to tilt and often fall over.
It hurts, it makes tears welling up.
It is hard and cold on the floor.

But it are often small things
that tend to give us strength;
the strenght to get up and start walking again;
the strength to get ourselves together and face it.

The small things in life provide us often
strength to sail through the biggest storms;
strength that will help us to keep standing,
no matter how hard the big thing hits again...

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Education=bringing out


A very interesting word, education.
It is very interesting indeed.
It comes from the Latin: ex-ducere, which means to bring out.
Not to put in, but to bring out.

To bring out the best out of the interior of our students.
Not to push in, not to spoon-feed lots and lots of knowledge

To bring out the inherent curiosity for things
To bring out the inquisitive mind of our students
To bring out a level of enthusiasm that resides deep within
To bring out the spirit, to inspire
To bring out a deep seated sense of responsibility
To bring out the highest aspirations
To bring out the ambitions,
To bring out the ideals
To bring out a sense of purpose

Oh, how nice education would be if only all our teachers and professors
would know the true meaning of education.

(inspired by a book of Napoleon Hill)