Saturday, 9 May 2015

A story

A story I do not want to forget.
I first want to write how I came to hear the story: on the plane I sat next to a man who recommended me to listen to Prem Rawat. I searched his name on the internet and found a few videos, one of which was only 5 minutes. I listened and this was the wonderful story he told:

Long time ago in China there was an archer who was very talented. 
One day the archer displayed his  skills in front of the public.
Most of the ones who were there were standing in awe since time after time the arrows landed exactly where they were supposed to land. One man among the public however kept saying: "it is just practice, it is only practice". The archer who was quite proud of his skills, could hear and was quite irritated by the comments. He went to talk to man and delivered another perfect shot, asking the man: can you do this?. The man answered he couldn't but he asked the archer: can you do this?, while he was showing his own skill. The man was selling oil and he managed to pour oil from a large container into a bottle with an extremely narrow and long neck, very fast without spoiling a drop. The archer admitted that he could not do that and it was indeed practice that was most important to become good at something. 

Then Prem went on the ask what do we practice on a daily basis. Do we practice complaining or negative thinking. If we do, we will become excellent at it over time. Or do we practice kindness and positive thinking. If we do, we will become excellent at it over time.

Wonderful story, isn't it?😀

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