Saturday, 2 May 2015

Education=bringing out


A very interesting word, education.
It is very interesting indeed.
It comes from the Latin: ex-ducere, which means to bring out.
Not to put in, but to bring out.

To bring out the best out of the interior of our students.
Not to push in, not to spoon-feed lots and lots of knowledge

To bring out the inherent curiosity for things
To bring out the inquisitive mind of our students
To bring out a level of enthusiasm that resides deep within
To bring out the spirit, to inspire
To bring out a deep seated sense of responsibility
To bring out the highest aspirations
To bring out the ambitions,
To bring out the ideals
To bring out a sense of purpose

Oh, how nice education would be if only all our teachers and professors
would know the true meaning of education.

(inspired by a book of Napoleon Hill)

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