Sunday, 24 May 2015

Growing goodness

"The time is coming when all men will see that the gift of God to the soul is not a vaunting, overpowering excluding sanctity, but a sweet natural goodness, like thine and mine, and that so invites thine and mine to be and to grow." <quote of Ralph Waldo Emerson>

The above quote is something that really touches our heart.
It was written more than a hundred years ago and slowly,
slowly it is becoming true as if it had been a prophecy.

Still so many people think that God is somewhere far from here
but more and more people manage to get inspired
to get in-spirit by allowing the ever present huge divine wisdom
to trickle into their mind, their hearts and their souls.

Just the last weekend was a fantastic illustration.
With a group large group of lecturers and students from USM
interactive modules for instilling moral values to junior highschool students
had been prepared over a period of many months, using the best possible evidence
for interactive and effective communication with young people.

Yesterday and the day before has been the moment of truth.
The long prepared modules have been delivered and
they have been delivered successfully.
The young adolescents not only loved the modules but
I am sure they will have learned lessons from them for life.

And the people delivering the modules, devoting their weekend to help others
were among the most blessed and happy I have seen for long.

All of us want to help and we feel that it makes our soul genuinely grow.
This growth of our soul and our own goodness is an inexhaustible source of peace of mind
and true, true happiness.

The time is coming when all humans will be aware of this
And our world will be a wonderful place to live.

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