Friday, 8 December 2017


Harmony has been on my mind this morning.
Actually it is on my mind quite often.
Really, I think that harmony in this world is possible
Many people may doubt it is to happen very soon but
On mornings like today, I get really convinced that
Nothing can stand in the way of the ever increasing harmony.
Yes, harmony is a thought whose time has come

We will soon see that love will reign
In our house, in our village in our state
Love will reign in the whole wide world
Love will win over greed and crime and fights

Soon we will see harmony in our world, everywhere, all the time.
On every corner of the street we will see smiles and lovely faces
On every field, in every house we will meet friendliness and kindness
Nastiness and quarrels and ill will will be a thing of the past

Believe that this may happen. The more people believe, the sooner it will happen
Every person on earth has the right to harmony and we can make it happen.

Harmony is in my dream, harmony is in my mind, in my heart.
Every soul on earth has this silent longing to live a harmonious life
Right now is the time, today is the time, let us no longer wait
Everyone can make a small contribution today toward lots of harmony in the world

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