Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Time wasted

Since the beginning of this year I have been spending an excess of time on reading about and looking at satirical videos about Donald Trump. It has not contributed to any of my peace of mind, it has not contributed to my knowledge, it has not contributed to my psychological or spiritual growth. It has just given me an occasional laugh but more often it has given me enervation, anger and worry.

If I look at the obvious stupidity, narcissistic nonsense of that president, you feel a certain disgust, you feel a certain danger hanging above your head. Several times I have made the resolution not to look at it any more, but  somehow to see people ridicule the wickedness and bombastic stupidity of the man in power, seems a bit addictive.

Still it is a pure waste of time to follow exactly what this president of the USA is doing and saying and tweeting. I again have the firmest intention to stop reading about him, to stop looking at the satirical videos about him and use that time for my own spiritual and mental growth.

Let us on and off reflect, how much time we have wasted today.
Every minute of wasted time is a minute of wasted life.
Our life has only a limited number of minutes.

Let us reflect and think about how to spend our time in the best possible way
Love and helpfulness will boil up and that will help us lead a life
that is fulfilling and pleasant and peaceful.

If you click on the vertical black bar on the right of this page, you can go to the archive of this blog. on 5.7.16, I wrote something similar. Please enjoy the other great ideas in the archive too. 

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