Thursday, 9 November 2017

Seeking Truth

When I was in my late teens,
I was seeking the Truth.
The Truth with a big, capital T.

While believing or attempting to arrive at the big Truth, is a foolish futile thing,
attempting to get a bit closer to it, even without any hopes of uncovering it completely
tends to put us on an amazing journey !

If we really, in the deepest of our heart and soul, search for Truth,
we quite soon come to an awareness that the Truth is enormously big.
The complexity of the physical world is enormous,
The complexity of the spiritual world is enormously enormous.

As a human we tend to cling to some of our insights some of the things we accepted as truth.
We make it our final truth and the wonderful journey of seeking ends; we tend to become arrogant in our beliefs, thinking we are right and all others are wrong.

A small glimpse of the Truth with capital T
will make anyone understand that we cannot understand that Truth.
This makes us  in a way all wrong in our perception of it.
So be it. Let us accept that no matter how good we are,
no matter how long we went to school or to study holy books,
no matter what, we cannot fully grasp the Truth

I have seen people who consider anyone believing in God
as children clinging to an illusion,
but these same people had no problem believing the big bang theory.
Bing bang originated in the mind of scientists, so even though it makes
minimal sense to any sound thinking mind, so many people blindly accept it.

I truly think there are much bigger questions that should keep us occupied
than the question where we come from or how the world came into existence.
The bigger questions are how we can make this world a better place to live in.
While science has helped us to lead comfortable life
it has not helped us a lot to be more happy.

Whatever it is, my friends, never give up your search for the Truth.

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  1. Since young, i always hope that there is God.
    i 'feel' that there maybe a creator for everything,
    but i know i can never confirm it.
    and i can't lie to myself that indeed there will never be a confirm answer.

    (and there goes the questions of who create the Creator >.<)

    The feeling of "hoping there's God" is especially true whenever i'm facing challenge in life.

    i remember when i was just a house officer -- on the days that i'm on-call, every morning before going to the hospital, i will pray hardly and sincerely, hoping that i will have a good call, no one will get seriously ill, and all the patients that come to me will recover well.

    the same goes to most of my fellow house officers that time.

    no matter how agnostic or atheistic they are, almost everyone will hope that God is there to listen to our prayer -- having a peaceful call. lol.

    How good will it be if we can -- simply kneel down and pray, and all our patients will recover and stay healthy.

    Anyway, i tend to hold back when ppl overinterpret and overpromise about things related to 'God'.

    i agreed the fact that, nobody should know (for very sure, in a very detail form) on what is the life after death.

    and therefore, the more detail a person explain on certain religious issues eg heaven, hell, after death and God (with exact numbers), the more suspicious it will be.

    as time goes by, there are more and more details and rules come out from (?imagination of) these 'scholars' -- and it seems no one can really 100% stop one another from elaborating their "details"

    For the same reason, i feel that,

    the more agnostic a person is during interpretation of the fine details regarding 'God' and 'after death',

    the more "symbolic approach" they use when interpreting the holy scriptures,

    the more wise, humble and honest they are.

    When a person focuses on good values & principles eg love, peace, harmony & honesty
    rather than the fine details on God and God's rules,

    the more similarity they have -- towards 'Goodness' & 'Happiness',

    and the more convincing is their teaching.

    I do agree that there are more things that we should focus than these issues of how chicken and eggs came into existence,

    but i think this kind of discussions keep us think critically and get us closer to what we are searching for.

    until now, this is my believe.



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